“Don -e- Araam” translated by Ahmad Shamlu is published. Jan 13, , New set of of Shamlu CD’s such as “Bagh Ayneh”, and “Qoqnus dar Baran” and some . Amhad Shamlu was born on December 12, , to the family of an army officer in Tehran. Like many children who grow up in army families, he received his. The Persian poet, also known by the surname Shamloo, or in his homeland as Ahmad Šāmlū, occasionally used the pen name A. Bamdad when writing poetry.

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How wonderful the firelights! Visit our Bookstore specials for Persian Amhad Year. Two years later he was arrested and kept in jail for 14 months. New Award For Shamlu – Netherlands. In he was jailed for 14 months. Finally the night-fires dwindle and sunrise comes Not much remains of the night Now the slaves are ready to pick up torches and sahmlu the soul of the night with them and finish off the Devil’s darkness They are ready; ready to bring him into courtyard, ready to ridicule and taunt him.

Persian-language poets Iranian journalists Iranian poets Iranian translators People from Tehran Burials at Emamzadeh Taher births deaths 20th-century translators 20th-century poets Tudeh Party of Iran politicians. Can’t you hear the sound of our City’s chains clinking Hey, look you Fairies!


He died on Sunday, July 23,at 9 p. His new translation of Erskine Caldwell was published, and he participated in the formation of the Union of Iranian Writers and gave several poetry readings at Iranian universities. And in he suffers a bitter separation from his second wife. He rose to fame from his next volume of poetry, Fresh Air Persian: In each poem The meaning of each death Is life.

He translated Garcial Lorca’s poems and the Song of Solomon from the Old Testament, and organized a week of poetry reading for established and new Iranian poets, which was very well received.

Ahmad Shamlu – Wikipedia

Suffering from several illnesses at the same time, Shamlou’s physical condition deteriorated in Thank You for Your Contribution! A model attribution edit summary using German: Sir, you must be mistaken. Now, you can find most of his publications online in here. As for others, They held, in one hand a cup In the other A mistress’s tresses While they distressed The entire world With the intoxicating cries They let loose.

Aida’s Thanks, Shamlu’s latest Poem. He was also elected to membership of the Writer’s Union’s leadership. Inhe became editor-in-chief of Shmalua magazine that changes the tradition and language of literary journalism in Iran. We have achieved our goal!

Ahmad Shamlou

Who told you to leave your tall sweet castle? You can make it easier for us to review and, hopefully, publish your contribution by keeping a few points in mind.


Inhe got a job in the Hungarian embassy as their Cultural Advisor. You could not use his poetry as a drill bit.

A new collection of his poems, the Garden of Mirrors, was released in You have come to ahmaad world!! His complete collection of poems was printed in Germany, and he returned to Iran. His poetry has been translated into several languages, however it remains a relatively undiscovered treasure in the West. Shamlou’s childhood and adolescent were neither privileged nor easy and home was not an environment that could foster his sensitivities and he often found solace in solitude.

He showed clear inclinations toward ” Shamku ideology.

Ahmad Shamlu | Iranian poet |

Inhe became editor-in-chief of Khusheh. He published several new translations and wrote a few film scripts. There is no place for Devils to run now For them, the forests will be barren For them, the jungles will be desert It is different here in our City Oh Fairies! And in there was a special gathering in Toronto, Canada of Iranian writers and critics to discuss Shamlou’s contribution to Persian poetry.

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