Peter Brimelow challenges this view in Alien Nation and in doing so raises fundamental issues of political theory. Brimelow begins by building a prima facie case. Alien Nation has 71 ratings and 7 reviews. Peter Brimelow has written a thought-provoking work that exposes the quirks and idiosyncracies of America’s. Peter Brimelow (born 13 October ) is a British-born American magazine editor, writer, Brimelow’s later books include Alien Nation: Common Sense About America’s Immigration Disaster, The Wall Street Gurus: How You Can Profit from.

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He g Thought-provoking – made me question some aien views Peter Brimelow has written a thought-provoking work that exposes the quirks and idiosyncracies of America’s immigration policies by providing lots and lots of details, facts and charts while, for the most part, keeping the text lively and interesting. Several became famous in the Union army. The Third World Overhang 5 1 They were added years after the dedication of the statue, which was a gift from Petdr to commemorate the U.

Even if she’s just passing through.

Peter Brimelow – Wikipedia

Its message is simple and stark: Brimelow does not altogether deny their existence; but, following the calculations of George Borjas rather than those of Julian Simon, he suggests that they have no great importance. In a little-noticed passage, Herrnstein and Murray blamed the Immigration Act for a sharp deterioration in immigrant quality.

As we slien above, after immigrants arrive in the United States, they have children too. At the Constitutional Convention, a for- mer regular British army officer, Pierce Butler, was prominent among those delegates wanting a fourteen-year residency require- ment for U. Their reinforcement by immigration is paltry. In the language of jet-plane test pilots, the United States now is pushing right to the outside edge of its performance “envelope.


This new worldwide ntion, its advocates maintained, would no longer be skewed toward northern and western Europe. Leftists, including the libertarian variety, will dismiss Brimelow as a racist; and are not advocates of the free market committed to the unhampered movement of people across artificially drawn political divisions?

Lee once described his troops at a critical point in the Wilderness campaign, not professional soldiers but citizens who had taken up arms for their country. This was not at all expected.

Alien Nation: Common Sense About America’s Immigration Disaster

This results in the anecdotal happy-talk narion coverage of immigration that we all know and love: Quite the contrary, the new legislation sought to remedy the alleged inequities of the s national origins system. Still, just to be fair againlet’s look at immigration relative to U. John Brimelow, a son of Mr. What’s more, nearly half of all the immigration came from Spanish-speaking coun- tries, dramatically contrasting with the First, polyglot Great Wave and enough to establish for the first time the possibility of perma- nent “bilingual” — more accurately, Spanish-language — enclaves in the United States.

But the Know Nothings were far from an ignorant mob, as immi- gration enthusiasts, probably misunderstanding that nickname, tend to assume. All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of brimelkw United States and of the State wherein they reside.

May 18, Alien Nation T But the issue is much more acute prter. A detailed account of Congress’s deluded intent and the dramatic consequences appears in Lawrence Auster’s devastating The Path to National Suicide: Virtually halted by restrictions imposed in the nineteenth century, this had already begun to rise after these restrictions were lifted during World War II.

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Jun 11, 8: So is legal immigration.

Full text of “Alien Nation: Common Sense About America’s Immigration Disaster”

And that is basically determined by immigration. But the new groups have a higher birthrate than that of the white ethnic stock that predominated until ; and, to an unprecedented extent, few of the new entrants return to their native countries.

So just as gross illegal entries have to be set against natlon illegal exits to get net illegal immigration, so gross legal immigration should really be set against gross emigration of legal immigrants. This will begin locally Staten Island trying to leave New York Cityproceed to the state level the northern counties trying to leave California.

Immigrants do come predominantly from one area—some 85 percent of the It did not recover until a.

You have to be careful with this one. Politicians of all parties are now making noises about addressing the problem. After all, as it turned out I could have avoided my INS decade simply by ignoring the law and staying here after I graduated from Stanford University Graduate School of Business in Then, immigrants came overwhelmingly from Europe, no matter how different they seemed at the time; now, immigrants are over- whelmingly visible minorities from the Third World.

Because the situation is highly leveraged. The circumstances that obtain in a complete free market differ altogether from those of a welfare state. But their descendants need not feel ashamed of them. Now, the reform has re- opened the border in a perversely unequal way.

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