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Romantic writings on the controlling principles of poetic creation and interest in the symbolic power of mythology showed a tendency to create an allegory of the spirit by means of natural and mythological symbols.

The manner in which they are articulated according to social relationships can be more readily understood, I. This reconciliation was to be followed by a reordering of other categories, thus creating new ways of viewing the world. One must possess, above all, a rich language, superlatively rich, to such an extreme that no emotion remains without its real and true expression.

Juan Antonio Vallejo-Nágera

The passage is striking, for it shows that Lugones, at so early an age twenty-five years oldis already outlining the characteristics of his work which will become increasingly apparent. Although the aim expressed is that of a quasi-religious striving toward ideal perfection in art, the terminology has a utilitarian and combative import: Our emotion is like a dark lantern that pierces, untimely, the cubic blackness of rooms.

Always eager to create an impact with his writings, Lugones sought out culturally approved models, particularly foreign ones, on which to pattern his own productions. From the final flourish of romanticism in “Los mundos” to the fragmentation of metrical and metaphorical patterns in Lunario sentimental, Lugones’ poetry shows a simultaneous adaptation of previous texts within a new context, a practice that is the very essence of modernista writing.

Et verbum erat Deus. You know about the struggle of the man of letters, everywhere atrocious or martyred, but nowhere as in these societies of Latin America, where even the soul feels its way about, and intellectual speculation has almost no place. Time and again Lugones is mentioned as an important influence, but is also constantly disparaged as a failed talent: The subversive shifts and overt disavowals they make of a veiled authoritative order are the weapons they use in dismantling hierarchical form, including a realignment of the speaking subject.


They threaten to redirect our. Poetry is a sacred rite. Texts, books, and discourses really begin to have authors other than mythical, “sacralized” and “sacralizing” figures to the extent that authors became subject to punishment, that is, to the extent that discourses could be transgressive.

: Juan Antonio Vallejo-Nágera: Books, Biography, Blogs, Audiobooks, Kindle

Publishers found it more convenient and less costly to copy foreign works for which they did not have to pay royalties, and they were assured of a readership by the already established fame publioc major European writers:.

One may hbalar for a disruptive or questioning movement on other levels, however. His range of choices resembles that of other modernistas, but the structure of his ideology determined a degree of acceptance of current literary theories and models different from other modernistas. Here the notions of voyeurism and fetishism in language aid us in establishing how these subversions in language are created.

ISNI Antonio Vallejo Nágera ()

His voracious consumption of his epoch’s poetic trends and pub,ico peculiar transformations of them are eloquent testimony of the constraints and possibilities of his cultural and social context. Slavish copying was an attempt to approximate as closely as possible the European mode, and much of Lugones’ production strikes this note time after time.

By returning to a poet who fully participated in modernismo ‘s currents, but who at the same time maintained a skeptical questioning distance within his work, some fissures that vein the movement can come to light.

Just as luxury can point out poverty, or monstrosity normality, a limited view of modernismo has restricted our sense of its power in publicp readings of later poets.

The art of poetry, of evocation, is a gift, a superior gift bestowed by grace, not by a set of circumstances or an application to cultivation of forms:. These same variations of reception can be of profound importance for the vallejjo of new texts. The majority had defined their role as.


And the acquisition of a form or of a kingdom is situated inside the absolute of liberty. Speaking from the vantage point of first one platform, then another, the succession of stances creates an aura of impersonality. Lugones’ attempts to aestheticize and, at the same time, to caricature his own experience, avoid the demand for moral sincerity.

The work of Lugones is best studied within the context of his epoch, by noting the reception of his work and the network hiy mutual influences.

Aprender A Hablar En Publico Hoy

This is surely not the direction foreseen by the modernistas, but Lugones’ development gives us clues to a way certain ideologies speak through poetic form and poetic movements, and not only in their changing thematics.

His ideas can best be viewed from the perspective of his cultural heritage and his response to it. Here he uses a graphic corporal analogy of wounding and scars:. Lugones often applied to the course of humanity in general and to poetry in particular, provided for him a rationalization of the jablar process of assimilation and change, hahlar though the changes might not seem to fit within a coherent personal viewpoint. In our Latin republics, the wind of mediocrity blows over the Creole spirit.

In the midst of the shifting systems of representation and the fascination with the new products of science and industry, the modernistas encountered a perplexing situation. The acceptance of codified images in modernismo for example, the femme fatale, twilights, emphasis on luxury and sonority usually implies acceptance of the whole cultural aura that surrounds these images.

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