The Flower Ornament Scripture A Translation Of The Avatamsaka Sutra By Thomas Cleary. The BookReader requires JavaScript to be enabled. Please check. Page 1. අණලරරරරරරදාන. | T H E. FLOWER ORNAMENT. SCRIPTURE. A Translation of. The Avatamsaka Sierra. ඒ උලලිඟලලලලලලලලලලලලලලල. The Flower Ornament Scripture: A Translation of The Avatamsaka Sutra. Thomas Cleary. Shambhala (). Like. Recommend. Bookmark.

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The River Spirit Light of Oceanic Avatamsqka found the door of liberation Able to Cause all sentient beings to enter the ocean of liberation and always experience complete bliss.

Shakra found the door of liberation of instantaneously transforming his own Dragon form and manifesting the forms of countless beings. The deity eyes of light found the door of liberation purifying the eyes of all sentient beings causing them to see the matrix of the cosmos. Celestial King Flower Light Wisdom found the door of liberation of everywhere manifesting perfect enlightenment according to the minds and thoughts of sentient beings. In the past Buddha cultivated an ocean of joy– Vast, Boundless, Beyond all measure; Therefore, those who see are all delighted This is realized by Silent Sound.

The Flower Ornament Scripture: A Translation of the Avatamsaka Sutra by Thomas Cleary

This is the vision of Constellation Banner. This is the entryway of the King Supreme Vision. The Kinnara King Fierce Lord found the door of Liberation thoroughly knowing the minds of all Kinnara’s and skillfully controlling them.

The Buddha cultivated enlightenment practice to aid sentient beings for innumerable ages– Therefore his avatamsakka fills the world Thomws Spirit Guardian, Remembering is happy. Inexhaustible Wisdom Light can comprehend this. Eye of Knowledge can understand this Technique.

The Buddha, in countless past ages Fully cultivated the far reaching transcendent means, Working diligently with non-flagging vigor: The water spirit Cloud Like Sound of the Ocean Tide found the door of liberation adorned with boundless truths.

No keywords specified fix it. Celestial King Light of Silent Sound found the door of liberation of relinquishing all clinging to objects. Each world system also contains an equal number of worlds.

Pennsylvania State University Press, The Dragon King Pure Form found the door of liberation producing the ocean of great delight and joy of all sentient beings. The celestial king Sound of Skilful Meditation found the door avatasmaka liberation of ability to spend an eon expounding the meanings and methods of all stages of enlightenment.


In all lands, in all quarters Expounding the truth in each in everyone, The Buddha’s body has no coming or going: Commanding cleart various languages of all worlds, Buddha teaches so that all can understand, And the affliction of his hearers disappear: The Kumbanda King Adornment found hhomas door of liberation knowing what is pleasing to the minds of all sentient beings.

Sentient beings are veiled by ignorance Wandering on dangerous paths The Buddha emanates light for them Spotless light realizes this. The crop thlmas Moistening Pure Flowers found the door of liberation compassionately saving sentient beings and causing them to increase in blessings and virtue. This is the attainment of Light.

The direction spirit Traveling Everywhere Unhindered found the Door of Liberation appearing in all places without wasted effort. Each makes displays of sentient beings affairs; This is the entryway of wonderful sound.

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The deity Sovereign Monarch Of Constellations found the door of liberation showing all things to be illusory and like empty space, formless and without inherent nature. Other features are also are sutrz like this: Liberating sentient beings from distress. Buddha, in all oceans of lands Always preaches, over unthinkable eons This wonderful elucidation power of Buddhahood Tree Branch Topknot can comprehend.

The Guide saves and protects all worlds; All thomzs see him before them Avatamaska to purify all realms of existence: It actually says in there that there is three versions of this particular sutra and that this is the short version, that the other versions are not in physical form on this Earth plane but exist on the other spiritual planes of existence.

At that time the Herb Spirit Auspicious, imbued with power from the Buddha looked over all the herb spirits and said, The Clearyy Knowledge is inconceivable– He knows the minds of all sentient beings, And by the power of Various Techniques Destroys their delusions and infinite pains. The Buddhas wisdom is unbounded — No one in the world can measure it.

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The Buddha, by means of concentration formulae, Numerous as the atoms in oceans of lands Teaches sentient beings, covering everything: I see the Buddhas sovereign powers All stem from practices cultivated in the past; With ceary compassion he saves beings and makes them pure: Furthermore, The Night Spirit Pure Light of Universal Virtue found the door of Liberation of great courage and strength in the bliss of tranquil meditation. Jul 22, Blake rated it it thokas amazing.

Celestial King Ocean of Joy and Bliss Topknot found the door of liberation of the body of pure light extending throughout the realm of space.

From wherever they came, they approached the world honored one, wholeheartedly looking up to him. Supreme Banner Light found the door of liberation of light illuminating all worlds, causing them to perfect various wonderful qualities. Good Eye looks deeply into this. Furthermore, the celestial king Contented found the door of liberation thomad all Buddhas bringing forth a complete, fully rounded teaching in the world.

The Pure light is not shown in vain– Any who meet it, it will cause to dissolve heavy barriers; It expounds Buddhas Virtues without any bounds: This is Diamond Topknot’s Technique. The realm of the Buddha is xvatamsaka, immeasurable– All sentient beings cannot comprehend it.

The Flower Ornament Scripture: A Translation of The Avatamsaka Sutra

Sentient Beings are ignorant, always muddled– The stubborn poisons of their minds are much to be sutda. The Gandharva King Universal Manifestation of Adornments found the door of liberation skillfully entering into the sphere of all Buddhas and bestowing peace and happiness on all living beings.

In fact, just thinking that you WANT to read this sutra will instantly enlighten you.

The Buddha, with unprecedented great compassion, Enters all states of existence to help sentient beings, Explaining truth, encouraging virtue, promoting fulfillment: This liberation Flower King enters. Celestial King Circular Navel found the door of liberation of methods of activating the cycles of the teaching and developing sentient beings to maturity.

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