The Meaning of Sarkozy has ratings and 11 reviews. Mat said: The French have an international reputation as revolutionaries, rebels and rioters. But. Nicolas Sarkozy emerges in Badiou’s book as a figure who wants to close down once for all any alternatives to this divided world. The book treats Sarkozy as an. Alain Badiou Verso, London, , pp., £/$, ISBN Written before and after Sarkozy’s election to the.

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What, for that matter, does Gordon Brown stand for? Mises Review 15, No.

The Meaning of Sarkozy, by Alain Badiou | Mises Institute

At others they are dizzyingly abstract: Instead, the communist hypothesis must be embraced as a matter of faith. The unlikely mainstream success of his book has enraged the right, who responded with a furious campaign accusing Badiou of anti-Semitism – a baseless charge that Badiou takes great pleasure in ridiculing.

Jul 22, Mat rated it it was amazing. The former President can certainly be faulted for his negative attitude towards social outreach badkou community policing he criticized police engaging youth with soccer gamesbut should be praised on his focus of training in education. He rightly points out that in today’s world, people cannot freely move wherever they please:. Sarkozy conjured a spectre of social breakdown and moral decline, playing on public concerns about crime and immigration.


Cameron has gone out of his way to avoid sounding authoritarian on social issues remember the hug-a-hoodie phase?

A denunciation of the ‘Rat Man’

In this incisive, acerbic work, Alain Badiou looks beyond the petty vulgarity meaningg the French president to decipher the true significance of what he represents—a reactionary tradition that goes back more than a hundred years. In Britain, this brand of ultra-leftism rarely leaves the university campus.

Mar 27, David rated it it was amazing Shelves: Perhaps, though, I have misunderstood Badiou’s argument. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I need to read his book dedicated on the topic. He was, for instance, one of the few French intellectuals to denounce the ban on the Muslim headscarf.

The Meaning of Sarkozy by Alain Badiou

So just go ahead and begin at page one of this wonderful text, and don’t bother stopping until you’ve arrived, changed, at page One can readily see the high argumentative standard of our eminent philosopher.

Hardcoverpages. Alain Badiou’s politics are unrepentantly left wing.

He refuses to accept any of the premises of what he calls “parliamentary cretinism”, preferring to judge politicians by their proximity to the absolute moral truth contained in “the communist hypothesis”.

Mao is not blameless for this… Eventually, for want of support for the most radical experiments in the decentralization of the state … the old order had to be re-established in the worst conditions. He is one of the most famous current French philosophers, his Being and Event acclaimed by many as a masterpiece.


Marx’s “spectre that is haunting Europe” is the inevitable overthrow of the bourgouisie.

Badiou strives to distinguish his notion of communism from the one that rather conspicuously failed in the 20th century. Mathieu Dejean 25 May Rather, capitalism allows a privileged class to pursue unlimited wealth at the expense of exploiting others.

Mises Review

That clearly owes badiok the fact that the earthly disappearance of the communist hypothesis and its parties has little by little made the truth about parliamentarism apparent: Once elected, “Sarkozy hammered home the point that he was now president of us all”. Lethargic France, Sarkozy suggested during his campaign to become the country’s president, could learn a thing or two from zesty, entrepreneurial Albion.

For an egalitarian, Badiou is an unabashed elitist – as long ssarkozy it is his elite. He obviously deplores poverty in the third world and in the immigrant communities of his own country.

On whose terms did it choose? As Mises again and again pointed out, capitalism is a system of mass production for the masses.

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