Baker Hughes INTEQ, Baker Oil Tool,. Hughes . Baker Hughes Drilling Fluids division, many special chemicals and deals especially with the products of the INTEQ Division. .. time-consuming manual work are relatively expensive. Baker Hughes INTEQ Drilling Engineering Workbook A Distributed Learning B / December Drilling Fluids Workbook H Rev. .. and paragraph references and the following information is included in your transmittal. Department Drilling Engineering Workbook P/N H Manual Date. Geothermal drilling fluids commonly used include water based mud, water only .. dependent on temperature (Baker Hughes INTEQ, ). Drilling fluid.

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As noted above, initial experiments indicated that some latex products emulsion polymers produced synergistic effects with an aluminum complex, resulting in improved pore pressure transmission characteristics of the fluids.

If added to mud formulations earlier, they tend to be unstable and precipitate prematurely.

The proportion of the polymer latex in the drilling mud, based on the total amount of the fluid may range from about 0. The core is held between the two pistons. Besides, improved performance parameters achieved by the latex products were also recognized.

The method of claim 8 where in providing the water-based drilling fluid, the polymer latex comprises particles that average less than 1 micron in size. F were all found to be ineffective, or at least certainly not as effective as the inventive composition.

The method of claim 8 where in providing the water-based drilling fluid, the surfactant is selected from the group consisting of betaines, alkali metal alkylene acetates, sultaines, ether carboxylates, and mixtures thereof. Because latex polymers contain deformable colloidal particles, it can provide an excellent bridging and sealing ability to reduce the permeability of the formation where the lost circulation of drilling fluids may encountered.

If the surfactant is present, the surfactant treated latex wets the surface strongly and accumulates to form a film or coating that seals fractures and defects in the shale.

The previous results and discussions deal with latex stability in drilling fluids and its synergy with aluminum complex in improving mud inhabitability to shale formations. The cell is enclosed in an insulated chamber and the temperature maintained with a watt heater. The following Example is the first preparation of the intermediate compositions of this invention. Drilling and Complwtion Fluids Documents. In water-based muds, solid particles are suspended in water or brine.


Next Patent Methods, cement comp High Temperature High Pressure Fluid loss at psi and. In previous tests the circulation was stopped after an hour, and the plug started leaking again after another 30 hours.

Results are expressed as formation pressure FP. The method of claim 8 where in providing the water-based drilling fluid, the precipitating agent is present in the drilling fluid in an amount of from about 0. In carrying intwq these and other objects of the invention; there is provided, in one form, a water-based drilling fluid including water and a polymer latex capable of providing a deformable latex film or seal on at least a portion of a subterranean formation.

The mixture was hot rolled overnight. Drilling fluid systems comprising latex particle s. Circulation of the fluid knteq found to be an important element of the latex plugging mechanism. Oil-based muds are the opposite.

The shale inhibition characteristics were determined by shale dispersion inteqq that included static wafer test, and pore pressure PPT tests.

Methods of sealing subterranean zones. SA Abbreviation for sodium aluminate. Published on Jan View 70 Download Improvements in PPT test equipment and methods have accompanied the general interest and search for increasing more drllling water-based mud systems that approach the PPT test performance of invert emulsion fluids.

Drilling Fluids Books

However, additional circulation rapidly sealed the leaks and reestablished the seal. The drilling fluid is expected to carry cuttings up from beneath the bit, transport them up the annulus, and allow their separation at the surface while at the same time the rotary bit is cooled and cleaned. A method of inhibiting borehole wall invasion when drilling with a water-based drilling fluid in a subterranean formation, the method comprising: Cement slurries for wells.

In about 30 hours, inreq plug began to leak and the formation pressure rose. Rubber barytes compositions and methods of preparation. The first of these polymers was tested on the PPT test in a fluid with other products. Another optional component of the composition of the invention is a surfactant. Two latex samples, Latex A 8: Practical Drilling Fluids Documents. The mixture was hot rolled.


baker hughes inteq drilling fluids reference manual

Accordingly, it is an object of the present invention to provide methods to stabilize shale formations and avoid loss of fluids into depleted sands formations when drilling with water-based infeq fluids. Slowly add 18 ml tested latex sample into the solution and adjust the Prince Castle mixer to rpm with Variac and tachometer.

Stable drilling fluid systems have been formulated with latex that remain dispersed and flexible in highly saline high salt content fluids.

Xrilling of the plug face showed latex accumulation along microfractures in the shale. LD8 was added to control foaming. The comparative Examples undesirably gave increasing formation pressures over time. In applications of drilling in depleted sands, there is often no need of a precipitating agent.

The proportion of the precipitating agent in the drilling mud, based on the total amount of the fluid may range from about 0. EXP Oleamidopropyl betaine surfactant.

baker hughes inteq drilling fluids reference manual – Tài liệu text

A water-based drilling fluid having a polymer latex capable of providing a deformable latex film on at least a portion of a subterranean formation has been discovered to provide reduced drilling fluid pressure invasion when used to drill in shale formations for hydrocarbon recovery operations.

It would be desirable to be able to reduce the loss of drilling fluid into depleted sands. Still another object of the invention is to provide a composition and method that increase the pressure blockage, reliability, magnitude, and pore size that can be blocked with water-based fluids for stabilizing shale formations.

Drilling fluids are typically classified according to their base material. A SumoBrain Solutions Company. However, it will be evident that various modifications and changes can be made thereto without departing from the broader spirit or scope of the invention as set forth in the appended claims.

At this condition, EXP alone does not precipitate.

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