Deck Construction Rules. Universe Rules. The Inner Sphere affiliations currently used in the BattleTech TCG are Davion, Marik, Kurita, Liao, Rasalhague. An Inner Sphere Themed rulebook for the Battletech CCG card game from the 90s . While reading the rules and playing the game.. interrupting Schuler in the . Someone’s made the whole CCG available on TTS. I’ve been looking for a tutorial though to refresh myself with the CCG rules and turn order.

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Remove that Unit from battle and untap it. Notifying tournament officials means the possible conduct violation may be investigated at the officials’ discretion. If either player chooses to take a Mulligan, his or her opponent may also reshuffle and draw a new hand of five cards.

BattleTech Collectible Card Game

All such requests must be made through the head judge. If both competitors involved in a single-elimination match refuse to play, that match must be scored as an intentional draw. CoS7 Nov 25 9: LimitedUnlimited versions only Card text should read: Command Post No rulings yet.

All in any order. Players in mid-turn have five minutes to complete their turns before match results are determined.

Resource cards have to be put into play just as other cards, they become locations that can be attacked.


For format-specific information regarding sideboards, see: Unit, Command, and Mission Unit’s have attack, armor structure, and speed on them. Appropriate player chooses to play first or have his or her opponent do so.

When the head judge announces the start of the match. Players violating any portion of this rule will be subject to the appropriate provisions of the DCI penalty guidelines. Something may cost 3 to construct but you can put 20 on it if you like. Use this ability only during a mission. Marsha uses the Jump option on one of her Units, boosting her initiative to 2. If folks are interested I’ll be adding other sets as I learn to play better.

See the Commander’s Edition rulebook, pp. You already have access to imgur links where the cards are. To make the above text applicable to team events, substitute “team” for “player” and “round loss” for “match loss. You can use them. If the organizer provides basic resources, he or she must make available the same amount of resource cards to each player.

Remove from battle each blocking Unit that is not guarding and untap it.

Yes, you would flip it up instead of leaving it facedown. An overview of the official tournament rules, format, and procedures A review of the rules governing scoring A discussion regarding the length and number dules tournament rounds Policies regarding player movement during the tournament As with any public representative of DCI tournaments, volunteers are expected to treat players, spectators, and others battlerech respect.


Whenever players wish to concede, they must have the approval of the head judge. Players have the right to appeal a judge’s decision to the head judge.

There are many ways to increase the number of deployments but the usual is 2 per turn. I don’t know of any good tutorials that haven’t been mentioned but I’d love to play against you on TTSimulator sometime.

Rule book | BattleTech CCG | BoardGameGeek

If the head judge makes no such announcement, the matches are decided in a best-two-out-of-three series. My cfg name is the same as it is here. The head judge or tournament organizer may declare that card sleeves may not be used. Can you provide access to basic files or configuration?

Tactics, Munitions, Assembly, Logistics, Politics. Do I just play whatever resource cards I have in my hand to pay the cost? This agreement should not be regarded as a violation of section 1. As with all battletecu public representatives of DCI tournaments, head judges are expected to treat players and others in a courteous and polite manner.

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