3 Aug Brother Polight, age 34, is an author of 90 plus books, a celebrity mentor and is fluent in 7 languages. He is a public speaker & founder of. Michael Noak (brother Polight), culturally known as Nysut: Amun-Re Sen Nysut : Amun-Re spends his time teaching and writing books to spread not only his. Brother Polight. K likes. Brother Polight, age 33, is an author of 80+ plus books, a celebrity mentor and is fluent in 7 languages. He is a public.

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Men believing that they are inherently stronger or less susceptible to strong emotions is not supported by fact. Also, numerous verses in the old testament show that a Jewish person should not share their G-d with other nations. The I-Space solution can easily be countered by the credit card companies requiring a physical address for all applications.

The mixed race children will also not be able to focus on black empowerment due to their sympathy to their white parents. This existence is amazing. Any book separates people from the direct experience of G-d. Our relationship is older than many peoples’ children. VeganGang a6packAintEnoughGoingFor8 Who would believe I have been fasting and literally drinking seamoss with bladderwracks filled with the 95 plus minerals out of that our bodies demand.

The members were able to create a semi-insulated economy because they were grounded and united in Islam. Historical records prove Arabs felt their African slaves were less than human.


Brother POLIGHT Wrote 90+Books @brother_polight

He also gives women the flexibility to dress as they want. Kemetian Gods represent standards of behavior. He is the founder of NuCovenant a spiritual community that is based on Egyptian Mythology which will be referred to in this post as Kemetic Science. Therefore, the claim that racism is genetic is unscientific. Polight explains if a Christian believes Jesus is coming back, then he is not currently on earth and is extraterrestrial. Women should also avoid epidurals because it drugs the baby.

Description Brother Polight, age 32, is an author of 90 broother books, a celebrity mentor and is fluent in 7 languages. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Sex education should be done at home by parents. Islam Islam began in Arabia and was meant for Arabs.

There is nothing in the Bible about building an economy. Polight also advises against Western medicine.

A former gang member whose father boosk out of his life at the age of This information should cause black people within the religion to fight back and open the eyes of people thinking about converting to the religion. Independent research of Dianetics shows no significant improvement in the mental health of patients.

Therefore, it could be natural for some black people bookw be homosexual. Scientologist should be working toward a more racially inclusive philosophy.

brother polight Archives – The Afrikan Library

The history of white domination has gone back over years. Black people can do business with white people and learn from white people if the service cannot be provided within the black community.


If they have technology to travel through the Cosmos and they discovered earth, they would come and go as they please. In the Genisis account of the garden of Eden, Eve is offered the apple first.

Then he presents a UFO philosophy that is completely conjecture.

This allows all of the nutrients and stem cells to enter the baby and aid in neural development. She gave birth to you and I conducted the delivery. As a man ejaculates, he diminishes his spinal fluid. The black woman is the backbone of the community and ensures the continuation of our race. A black follower must be secure in the fact his membership is valid.

The first is a person asserting themselves in areas of life that are not contingent on financial success. By all accounts from Orthodox Brotber, Muhammad could not read.

Polight also points out the Bible is outdated. Brother Polight, age 32, is an author of 90 plus books, a celebrity mentor and is fluent in 7 languages. There is far more poight that racism is a social construct that was invented to solidify power around white men. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Also, a young man who wondered where his mother was? NuCovenant also aids members in obtaining financial success.

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