The China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (“CIETAC”) recently revised its Arbitration Rules and will implement. The Arbitration Rules delete the provisions that CIETAC may voluntarily ask for the consent of all parties to consolidate proceedings. The latest edition of the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (CIETAC) Arbitration Rules (the Rules), which.

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Where a party has nominated an arbitrator but fails to advance a deposit for such actual costs as the special remuneration, travel and accommodation expenses of the nominated arbitrator within the time period specified by CIETAC, the party shall be deemed not to have nominated the arbitrator.

Practitioners had in the past raised concerns over the time it could take for the Secretariat to respond to queries, owing to its workload. At the request of either party and rrules the approval of the arbitral tribunal, the expert or appraiser arbitgation participate in an oral hearing and give explanations on the report when the arbitral tribunal considers it necessary.

CIETAC’s New Arbitration Rules – Publications – Allen & Overy

The Summary Procedure shall not be affected by any amendment to the claim or by the filing of a counterclaim. If a party fails to nominate or appoint a 0215 arbitrator accordingly, the substitute arbitrator shall be appointed by the Chairman of CIETAC. The Claimant shall be deemed not to have submitted a Request for Arbitration if it fails to complete the required formalities within the specified time period.

The Applicant shall advance an amount of RMB 30, as the costs of the emergency arbitrator proceedings, consisting of the remuneration of the emergency arbitrator and the administrative fee of CIETAC.

Where the arbitral tribunal has not yet been formed, the decision shall be made by the President of the Arbitration Court. The arbitral tribunal may specify a time period for the parties to produce evidence and the parties shall produce evidence within the specified time period.

Where a rhles is to be dismissed before the formation of the arbitral tribunal, the decision shall be made by the President of the Arbitration Court.

CIETAC’s New Arbitration Rules 2015

Within twenty 20 days from the date of its receipt of the Notice of Arbitration, the Respondent shall submit its Statement of Defense, evidence and other supporting documents. With the 2105 of both parties, the arbitral tribunal may conciliate the case in a manner it considers appropriate. The arbitral tribunal shall independently and impartially render a fair and reasonable arbitral award based on the facts of the case and the terms of the contract, in accordance with the law, and with reference to international practices.


Article 5 Arbitration Agreement. As the secretary is not a professional stenographer, his or her written record of an oral hearing arbifration generally not complete and only reflects the main views stated by the cietxc during the hearing. The amendments are designed to help CIETAC increase its international exposure, improve its service and enhance the efficiency of its procedures.

If you originally registered with a username please use that to sign in. Where the arbitral tribunal is composed of one arbitrator, the sole arbitrator shall be nominated pursuant to the rabitration stipulated in Paragraphs 2, 3 and 4 of Article 27 of these Rules.

From 20, to 40, Neither party may bring a lawsuit before a court or ciehac a request to any other organization for revision of the award. The New Rules adopt both best practices and the latest developments in international commercial arbitration and accommodate the increasing needs of the parties arbitrating at CIETAC. Article 42 Examination of Evidence. As the arbitration procedure law in Hong Kong is different from that in the Mainland China, the arbitration practice in those two legal jurisdictions is also different.

If arbitrration party has justified reasons rule failure to submit a request for a postponement of the oral hearing in accordance with the preceding Paragraph 1, the arbitral tribunal shall decide whether to accept such a request.

Article 80 Context Reference. Where the parties have agreed on the language of arbitration, their agreement shall prevail. This process culminated in the adoption of its new Arbitration Rules, which entered into force on 1 January the Rules.

The arbitration agreement invoked to join the additional party, together with the facts and reasons supporting joinder, must be set out in the Request. Recent decisions of the Shanghai and Shenzhen courts have done little to clarify the situation. The Application for the Emergency Arbitrator Procedures shall include the following information: Article 2 Structure and Duties.

Turn off more accessible mode. Chapter II Arbitral Proceedings. Where a party becomes aware of a reason for a challenge after such receipt, the party may challenge the emergency arbitrator in writing within two 2 days after such reason has become known, but no later than the formation of the arbitral tribunal. From 40, to , The Chairman of CIETAC shall make a final decision on whether or not an arbitrator should be replaced with or without stating the reasons.


Article 46 Withdrawal and Dismissal.

In addition, the written record and the audio-visual recording are not open to the parties. Article 19 Consolidation of Arbitrations. We use cookies on our website. Article 79 Arbitration Fees. If such an error does exist in the award, the arbitral tribunal shall make the correction in writing within thirty 30 days of its receipt of the written request for the correction.

Claims and counterclaims are aggregated for the determination of the amount in dispute.

Article 1 The Arbitration Commission. After cietwc consolidation of arbitrations, the conduct of the arbitral proceedings shall be decided by the Arbitration Court if the arbitral tribunal is not formed, or shall be decided by the arbitral tribunal if it has been formed.

Either party may commence arbitration arising out of different PO transactions. Additional means of service not limited to service by public notary, entrustment or retention are now included in the New Rules. Article 40 Record of Oral Hearing. The arbitral tribunal has the power to fix in the award the specific time period for the parties to perform the award and the liabilities for failure to do so within the specified time period.

Article 82 Arbitration Fees and Costs. CIETAC arbitrtaion decide cietav join the additional party unless that party is prima facie not bound by the arbitration agreement invoked in the arbitration, or other circumstances exist that make joinder inappropriate.

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The Arbitration Court may require the Applicant to advance any other additional and reasonable actual costs. The arbitral tribunal may hold deliberations at any place or in any manner that it considers appropriate. Hence, the innovations in the Arbitration Rules and its practice by CIETAC will provide an important example for other organizations in their efforts to enhance the efficiency of arbitration. The hourly rate for each co-arbitrator shall be the rate agreed upon by that co-arbitrator and the nominating party.

From 5, to 10,

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