DIY Gary Fong Lightsphere · Allen Mowery am, 21 November Taken from a video I recently created. View it here: Get great results.

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This sheet will have 2 long edges, and 2 shorter edges just as any rectangle does. Same as above, but with diffuser on the flash. Leave a comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. dih

Build A $1 Lightsphere

All that light being tossed out the front of the diffuser lights the subject’s face, while the rest of the room is lit by the bounce of the rest of the light off the ceiling. Proud 80’s baby, reader of graphic novels and movie geek! Great depth and warm colors from the off-white wall. Improvement over built-in flash, but still not great. When reality you can get the same results if used properly.

AG Bouncer 2 wrote: But really, my big gripe about the GF devices is when I’m shooting an event and another photog has a Fng dealie and I’m nearby. My 5 year old can do that. My diffuser mounted on the flash. Shot with the diffuser on the flash, same position as the shot above.


Photography & Chronicles: My DIY Gary Fong’s Lightsphere

Flash bounced off the wall and a portion of the ceiling to the garg of the camera. This diffuser and any diffuser will not instantly make your photos look fantastic.

Anyhow, good tip, thanks for sharing. You can shoot with the smooth side in or out. DIY Lumiquest from chicken feathers.

DIY Gary Fong Lightsphere | *DIY Photography Equipment | Flickr

Some of my Velcro started coming loose, so I used staples to hold viy on there. Does the vinyl not add a color cast? Is it enough of a refresh to keep up with the times?

I have used this little getup both personally and professionally with some really great results. In the second picture the highlights on the petals especially the lily are much more pronounced. Thank you in anticipation of your help J.

I heard that diffusers were great for portraits! This is not to say LS are apt to every opportunity. Overview Discussions Photos Members Map. The items are pictured below: Very good and appears simple enough, gart you. I call it this because it casts hard shadows.


I know your question wasn’t directed at me but in my very limited use and testing of this, I did not lightspyere any color cast at all.

That’s how my DIY lightsphere looks like. The oh-so-simple how to video after the jump. The proof is in the lightshpere. I think Gary deserves every cent he receives for his products for intellectual property alone, It seems alot of people are trying to copy his success

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