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DoD M, “DoD Postal Manual,” Volume II, May , is hereby canceled. This Manual applies to the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD), the Mili-. Study Flashcards On DOD M POST OFFICE OPERATING PROCEDURES at Quickly memorize the terms, phrases and much more. Study Flashcards On DOD M CHAPTER 15 at Quickly memorize the terms, phrases and much more. makes it easy to get the .

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T here was no 45255.6-m of planning on the part of the postal people but rather a lack of recognition of their basic needs and failure to adequately provide the necessary personnel, equipment, and transportation. In spite of this, the Postal Service was These services must meet statutory criteria and will generally apply only to personal correspondence first class mail in the form of letters, post cards, and cassette or video tapes not exceeding 12 ounces, sent from personnel in the approved free mail area to addressees entitled to USPS services.

I 5425.6-m the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your communication in relation to the expediency of establishing a Money Post Office at City Point, and asking my wishes on the subject. Postal service has played a vital role in morale support and national 4525.6-n efforts since the Civil War, and it is an important combat multiplier.

Postal unit commanders must evaluate the threat environment and establish the postal unit’s standard operating procedure for dealing with possible explosive devices found in parcels.

These units decontaminate the mail, if possible, and return it to the postal network. The corps operations platoon s provides the primary redirect services for the corps. The medical treatment facility MTF coordinates with the services postal platoon in its area to provide the MTF commander with necessary postal finance services to patients. The G1 develops and coordinates postal operations plans for all assigned and attached dox within the division by 4525.6-k the following critical tasks:.

Contamination may consist of nuclear, biological, or chemical agents. The corps G1 provides policy guidance and coordinates with the personnel group commander to keep the corps commander informed of postal operations.

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DoD M, Department of Defense Postal Manual,” 8/15/

Figure depicts casualty mail flow. Mail flow in theater is shown in Figure It establishes and maintains the theater mail routing scheme, establishes or designates a casualty mail and theater directory postal unit, and directs subordinate postal operations platoons.

Postal services platoons must have securable organic transportation to safeguard and transport undispatched mail and associated items such as stamps, money orders, accountable mail, and packages.

Commanders and their staffs must plan for the logistical support given to competing demands and priorities during the execution phase of an operation to react to unanticipated but necessary postal operations support requirements.

Unit mail clerks do not require an F5 additional skill identifier, but they are required to carry a mail handler’s card and should be a 71L. Transportation must be coordinated for postal units from external sources at all command levels within the theater. Official mail is that addressed to military or other governmental organizations. Units can coordinate with the services postal platoon leader to provide limited mobile postal finance services to units or teams not located near the postal platoon.

If decontamination is not possible, they destroy the mail under appropriate postal supervision. In reply I have simply to say that I fully approve the system and believe that it will be highly advantageous to the soldier in the transmission of his money to his family or relatives.

After the mail arrives in the theater, further transportation becomes a lead corps responsibility. During the height of activity, the Central Postal Directory for the European Theater of Operations during World War II employed as many as 4, personnel to locate and redirect mail to reassigned or wounded soldiers lost to the units to which they had been originally assigned.

Host nation personnel can be military or civilian, and they can handle all mail classes except official registered classified mail. This allows for more efficient use of transportation and improves mail delivery time. Large volumes of soldier redirect mail are sent to the operations platoon for processing. A theater-wide network must provide individual and unit address information to all postal companies and platoons.


Operations and services postal units should deploy from the sustaining base to support contingency force projection operations without Reserve Component mobilization.

The same transportation used to deliver mail to MDPs transports retrograde mail in reverse through the postal network. Enter Your Email Address. Mail clerks coordinate collection of retrograde mail from unit soldiers and deliver it daily to the MDP at the same time as pick-up of unit mail.

Postal agreement between the USPS and the DoD includes the agreement that USPS will provide new and serviceable equipment and supplies necessary for the operation of and use in military post offices.


A large-scale, long-term deployment may require support from Reserve Component postal units or from Active Component forward deployed postal units. The 452.56-m group provides policy and procedural guidance for postal companies and is responsible for performing the following critical tasks:.

The USPS Transportation Handbook, addresses rules and regulations that apply to the transportation, transferring of accountability, security, and escort of the various classes and types of mail within the MPS. A postal operations platoon will locate near an MMT. This includes mail for individual soldiers who have changed units or locations 4525.-6m individuals and not with the unit.

The units and agencies in the following paragraphs have critical roles during the various stages of the deployment, sustainment, and redeployment process in establishing postal support for deployed forces. Modern equipment used in civilian post offices must be provided to deploying military post offices and to the military postal school and units for training. Within the division, the G1 coordinates with the division transportation officer DTO for transportation from the postal platoon to units.

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