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J Dermatol, 26pp. Recurrent aphtous ulcerations in children: Cause of oral ulcers in HIV infected patients: For this paper was made a study based on the lineaments of the descriptive documental research, mainly with scientific bibliographic references literature national and international.

Tratamiento de un caso de aftosis oral recurrente con pentoxifilina. Immunopathology of oral mucosal ulcerative, desquamative,bullous diseases. There is still no conclusive evidence relevant to the etiopathogenesis of this lesions. Isr Med Assoc J ;10 4: The spectrum recdivante mucocutaneus manifestations during the evolutionary phases of HIV disease: Management of aphthous ulcers.


The close relation between restorative dental treatments and periodontal treatment procedures lead to the tendency that de general practitioner has enough knowledge in the periodontal field. Corticoesteroid therapy in general dental practice. Clinical eecidivante of the use of low-intensity ultrasound in the treatment of recurrent aphtous stomatitis. A clinical trial of prostaglandin E2 in recurrent aphtous stomatitis.

Recurrent aphthous ulcerativos and food sensitivity.

Estomatitis aftosa recidivante: Conducta odontológica – ScienceOpen

Thalidomide as treatment of refractary aphtous ulceration related to human immunodeficiency virus infection. Numerous and miscelany therapies have been proposed but the results found on the vast literature are inconsistent. Recurrent oral ulceration associated with recurrent herpes labialis. Int J Hematol, 73pp. A clinical trial of azelastine in recurrent aphtous ulceration, with analysis of its actions on leukocytes.

Neth J Med ;53 4: Mechanisms of depressed natural killer cell activity in recurrent aphthous ulcers. Medicina Oral ; 3: Use of pro-pietary agents to relieve recurrent aphtous stomatitis.

Ocurre tras el desgarro del techo epitelial 1. Decreased levels of salivary prostaglandin E2 and epidermal growth factor in recurrent aphtous stomatitis. Abordaje y tratamiento de las aftas bucales. Studies on recurrent oral aphthae. Yonsei Med J, 38pp.


Láser terapia en el manejo de aftas mayores – Reporte de caso

Current concepts of the etiology and pathogenesis of ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. Sustained relief of oral aphtous ulcer pain from topical diclofenac in hyaluronan.

Detection, enumeration and characterization of T helper cells secreting type 1 and type recidivange cytokines in patients with recurrent aphthous stomatitis.

Atencion Primaria, 6pp. Dentist must be able to recognize and treat them.

Láser terapia en el manejo de aftas mayores – Reporte de caso

Treatment of rrecurrent aphtous stomatitis with pentoxifillyne. Leucocyte dysfunction in oral mucous membrane diseases.

Saral Y, et al. Richards DW, et al.

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