The future value factor is also called future value interest factor (FVIF). You can also use the future value factor table to find the value of future value factor. Pvif & Fvif Table – Free download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Financial Table,Pvif Table,Fvif table. Future Value Interest Factor: FVIF(i, n). Financial Problems and Analysis . Appendix B. Future Value Interest Factor: FVIF(i, n).

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To set up the rules, select a cell or range and then click the Conditional Formatting button on the Home tab of the ribbon.

Additionally, fvof need to specify the Type argument to the function. This will launch the following dialog box:. You can see how the rules are created.

Also, we don’t need to see the number in A For the second rule we want to apply a border to the right edge of column A, but only those rows that are supposed to be visible in the table. The third rule will hide everything outside of the visible part of the table as defined by the values in B5: In the Type edit box, enter “Period” include the fivf marks.

Substituting 1 for FV, fif for N, and 0.


Future Value of $1 Table

If you change to an annuity due in B7 then, for reference, you should get 1. Then you have to interpolate because 3. But what happens if the interest rate is 3.

For example, we don’t want them to enter a negative interest rate in B1. Let’s take care of a couple of simple items first. Click B7 and then the Data Validation button. They must be formulas that will evaluate to either True or False. Go to the Number tab and choose the Custom category. If you change the value in B1, for example, then the interest rates in the table will change, and the interest factors will be recalculated as well.

To create the data table we need to select A Our PVIF table will serve as a template for each of the other three tables. Be sure to click the Create a Copy box at the bottom of the dialog box. Select the entire table A The PVIF is 0.

Time Value of Money Tables in Excel |

This tutorial will demonstrate how to create these tables using Excel. For reference, if you change B7 to an annuity due you should get 1.

Click the OK button to apply the custom number format. In this case, the table provides a factor that is multiplied by a future value of a lump sum cash flow in order to obtain its fviv value.


Future Value Factor Calculator

Note that we still need slightly different formulas, depending on the type of annuity as described above. Note that the PV function is only used in the upper-left corner of fcif table. We need to add 1 to the number of columns because we are including column A, which is not a part of the 30 columns specified.

Virtually every finance textbook has, at the back, a series of tables that contain multipliers that can tble used to easily calculate present or future values without the need for a financial calculator. Apply a format with a border on the right edge only, and set the font to bold. The key to creating the tables is to understand that they are all based upon the basic time value of money formulas.

You can also create a one-input data table by specifying only the row or column input cell, but that wouldn’t suit the purpose here. Formatting isn’t just for making your spreadsheet pretty.

For the interest rate we want to allow any decimal number between 0 and 0. Excel does this repeatedly to fill in the table.

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