Manfred Steger, professor of Global Studies at the University of Hawaii at Manoa argues that globalization has four main dimensions: economic, political, cultural. For many scholars and political activists, “globalization” encompasses a variety of Manfred Steger presents globalization in plain, readable English as a. Presenting globalization as a multifaceted process encompassing global, In this fourth edition Steger discusses some of the key features of recent years, such .

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Globalization: A Very Short Introduction

In addition to arriving at a firm commitment to expand international trade, the participants of the conference also agreed to establish binding rules on international economic activities. Instead, they goobalisation their expansionistic desires westward, searching for a new, profitable sea route to India.

Skip to main content. In this fourth edition Steger discusses some of the key features of recent years, such as the EU fiscal crisis, the rise of robot technology and new war technology with civilian usage such as drones, the Ebola epidemic in West Africa, and new identity discussions around gender fluidity and sex change in the media.

Presenting globalization as a multifaceted process encompassing global, regional, and local aspects of social life, Manfred B. This new financial infrastructure emerged in the s with the gradual deregulation of capital and securities markets in Europe, the Americas, East Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.

This Very Short Introduction has been fully updated for a fourth edition, to include recent developments in global politics, the global economy, and environmental issues.

Dimensions of globalization

Feeling its trunk, one blind man argued that the elephant was like a lively snake. For questions on access or troubleshooting, please check our FAQsand if you can’t find the answer there, please contact us.


Queer Dance Clare Croft. Marking the close of the prehistoric period, these monumental inventions amounted to one of those technological and social boosts that moved globalization to a new level. Even in the United States, annual inflows of aboutimmigrants during the s reached only half steber levels recorded during the first two decades of the 20th century. No doubt, the growing power of TNCs has profoundly altered the structure and functioning of the international economy.

If such a promising scenario indeed will come to stwger, then the final outcome of political globalization might well be the emergence of a cosmopolitan democracy that would constitute the basis for a plurality of identities flourishing within a structure globalieation mutual toleration and accountability.

The political dimension of globalization 5.

We will return to the issue of global inequality in Chapter 7- The internationalization of trade has gone hand in hand with the liberalization of financial transactions. Topics of ecological globalization include population growth, access to food, worldwide reduction in biodiversity, the gap between rich and poor as well as between the global North and global South, human-induced climate change, and global environmental degradation. Get to Know Us. However, as the IMF demanded even stronger austerity measures in return for new loans, the Argentine economy went sour.

Major world trade networks, 1OOOO. For example, a sloppy conflation of process and condition encourages circular definitions that possess little explanatory power. Privatization of public enterprises 2. Strict control on organized labour 7.

A close look at bin Laden’s right wrist reveals yet another clue to the powerful dynamics of globalization. Moreover, they resolved to create a more stable money exchange system in which the value of each country’s currency was pegged to a fixed gold value of the US dollar.


Globalization and Its Discontents Revisited: As he directs his words of contempt for the United States and its allies at his hand-held microphone, his retreating sleeve exposes a stylish sports watch.

Steger, Manfred. (). Globalization: A very short introduction | Rosana Pinotti –

Trade liberalization, coupled with the abolition of import licensing and a reduction of tariffs; 7. Cultural globalization is the intensification and expansion of cultural flows across the globe.

Our expert authors combine facts, analysis, perspective, new ideas, and enthusiasm to make interesting and challenging topics highly readable. The resulting expressions of cultural ‘hybridity’ cannot be reduced to clear-cut manifestations of stefer or ‘difference’.

The future of globalization References Further Reading Index. Starting in the s, and especially after the fall of the Soviet Union, the economic agenda of the IMF and the World Bank has synchronized neoliberal interests to integrate and deregulate markets around the world.

Medical and Healthcare Law. This book is fantastic.

Globalization: A Very Short Introduction – Manfred B. Steger – Google Books

I have assigned it to my globalization class. This form of globalization occurs across offensive and defensive uses of power and survival in international field. Brand name packaged goods like Coca-Cola drinks, Campbell soups, Singer sewing machines, and Remington typewriters made their first appearance.

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