Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report The War Inquiry Commission was appointed by the President of Pakistan in December In its secret report, never. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto had only been in power for one week, when he asked the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Justice Hamood-ur-Rehman, to investigate the. The Hamood-ur-Rehman Commission Report | A Review Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto had only been in power for one week, when he asked the Chief Justice of the.

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Hamoodur Rahman Commission – Wikipedia

Yakub Malik, in which 17 Bengali Officers and men were just slain by a flick of one Officer’s fingers should suffice as an example. The evidence reprot does not disclose commiszion any firm commitment was made by GHQ. So much damage rehmaan not have been caused by the entire strength of the Pakistan Army then stationed in East Pakistan even if it had nothing else to do.

The allegations mentioned in the preceding Paragraphs were put to Lt. We are also not impressed by the excuse put forward by the Commander, Eastern Command for not modifying his plans, namely that the mission originally assigned to him hold every inch of territory in East Pakistan and to prevent the establishment of Bangladesh by the capture of any sizeable chunk of territory, was never changed by the High Command.

For this reason we said that “our observations and conclusions regarding the surrender in East Pakistan and other allied matters should be regarded as provisional and subject to modification in the light of the evidence of the Commander, Eastern Command, and his senior officers as and when such evidence becomes available.

The Commission is empowered to call before it any citizen rehmna Pakistan to seek information. The Commander-in-Chief remained indifferent. Rahim Khan who had played a part in the final events culminating in the surrender in East Pakistan. The arbitrary methods adopted by the Rehmam Law administration in dealing with respectable East Pakistanis, and then sudden disappearances by a process euphemistically called “being sent to Bangladesh” made matters worse.

The two direct and devastating consequences of this political situation brought about by the military regime itself, since holding the elections ofwere the prolonged involvement of the Pakistan Army in counter- insurgency measures throughout the Province, and its forced deployment in penny-pockets commissioon along the borders of East Pakistan to prevent infiltration of Mukti Bahini and Indian agents.


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Inquiries and Trials It was inherent in the appointments held by him since the promulgation of General Yahya Khan’s Martial Law on the 25th of March that Maj. Niazi was 83 thereforenot justified in denuding himself of his reserves before the actual arrival of the additional troops.

Allegations were made that some persons in his custody were eliminated without trial, or even without any ostensible cause.

A review on Hamood ur Rehman Commission Report | Omer Malik –

The report dwells on a range of sins: Ministry of Liberation War Affairs. Mohammad Jamshed, and Maj Gen M Rahim Khan, with whose cases we have already dealt in the preceding paragraphs, there were four other General Officers serving in the East Pakistan at the time of the surrender, namely, Maj.

It has also the task of running the civil administration, maintaining communications and feeding 70 million people of East Pakistan. It was for this reason that he got involved 67 in what has been called “the Farman Ali incident.

Hamoodur Rahman Commission

Troops were expected to man these fortresses after falling back from their forward: Farman Ali to explain the significance of this writing and the circumstances under which it came to me made by him. When questioned on this point, Lt. In defence, it has been stated that these Halls were at the relevant time not occupied by the students but by Awami League insurgents, and were also being used as dumps for arms and ammunition 29 stored by the Awami League for its armed rebellion.

In Dacca jail we had about 80 persons punished for excesses.

While discussing the military aspect of the war in hamokd Main Report we came to the conclusion that the major role in the disaster had been that of the ground forces, that the strategic concept embodied in war Directive No.

The final report, also called supplementary report, was submitted on 23 Octobershowed how political, administrative, military and moral failings were responsible for the surrender of Pakistani forces in East Pakistan.


It appears that on the 8th or 9th DecemberLt. According to Major S.

Farman Ali, erport the facts stated by him are easily verifiable and we do not think that he would have made incorrect statements in this behalf before the Commission. An all-out war had, therefore, become inevitable for India, and in such an event the only course open for Pakistan was to implement the traditional concept of defending East Pakistan from West Pakistan in an determined and effective manner. We have now examined not only Lt.

The Hamood-ur-Rehman Commission Report | A Review

Having heard the views of a large number of witnesses drawn from all sections of society, professions and services, the Commission feels that there is consensus on the imperative need to book these senior army commanders who have brought disgrace and defeat to Pakistan by their professional incompetence, culpable negligence and wilful neglect in the performance of their duties, and physical and moral cowardice in abandoning the fight when they had the capability and resources to resist the enemy.

Right from the beginning he seems to have been losing ground, starting with the loss of Bhurungamari which was attacked by clmmission Indians on the 14th or 15th of November This is a serious matter and calls for notice. We have also touched upon the negotiations which Gen.

It further came to our notice that the Geport had distributed some money among persons 20 who left East Pakistan by helicopters on the morning of 15 th or 16th of December In general although we have examined a considerable volume of fresh evidence we have found no reason whatever to modify the conclusions that we reached and stated in the Main Report; if anything by conmission of more detailed information we are confirmed in those conclusions.

Reoort, War, and the Repodt of Bangladesh: In the Report the Commission had observed that its findings with regard to the causes of surrender in East Pakistan were only tentative. Even more painful than the military failures of It.

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