The Inter-Club Agreement (ICA) was formulated in in order to promote amicable and equitable settlements for cargo claims under the. The Inter-Club Agreement (ICA) first came into force on 20 February It was revised in , in. and again in See 24 August , Standard. CIRCULAR REF: / CIRCULATED TO ALL MEMBERS, BROKERS AND DIRECTORS. The Inter-Club New York Produce Exchange Agreement, which.

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Costs incurred in making a claim under the Agreement or in seeking an indemnity under the charterparty.

The distinction between discharge and delivery may be of vital importance if discharge is completed several days after the hatches are opened. Web design agency – Liquid Light. As stated above this was 1st September As with the proviso in Clause 8 ait is considered that the new words merely state expressly what was implicit in the Agreement. Still, the omission of this sentence may serve to avoid confusion when the ICA is expressly incorporated into charterparties and thereby binding on charterers and owners.

Accordingly, claims settled under through or multimodal bills of lading will be outside the scope of the version of the Agreement, unless expressly allowed under the charterparty. We have placed cookies on your computer to help make this website better.

The ICA gives one example of such a material amendment: However, in order to ensure that no conflict arises between the main body of the charterparty and the settlement of claims under the ICA, the law and jurisdiction of the charterparty under which an agreemnt is sought shall apply in the following situations: Lnterclub purpose behind the development of the ICA was to avoid costly and protracted litigation. This means that the simple fact that the underlying contract of carriage is a contract for through or multimodal transport is not a reason in itself to avoid application of the Agreement, even if this type of contract is not authorised under the charterparty.

Clause 4 c of the Agreement provides:.

Inter-Club New York Produce Exchange (N.Y.P.E.) Agreement

That claim was settled and the owners then brought a recourse action against charterers under the terms of the time charterparty. However, this is subject to the proviso that where charterers can prove that the failure to properly load, stow or handle etc.


The Security Provision has been incorporated into the Agreement as clause 9. Accordingly, application of the two forms of the Agreement to claims brought underdifferent types of documents will be as shown in Table Agreeement.

Inter-Club New York Produce Exchange (N.Y.P.E.) Agreement 1996

Interest The ICA expressly allows the apportionment of interest “claimed” by the original cargo claimant. See clause 4 c of the ICA Our Club, in common with the other Group clubs is issuing a circular to inform Members of this change. Any variation to be effective must be approved in writing by all the Clubs but it is open to any Club to withdraw from the Agreement on giving to all the other Clubs not less than three months’ written notice thereof, such withdrawal to take effect at the expiration of that period.

The new version is also an attempt to arrange the Agreement in a more logically structured way, to make it more “user-friendly”. If you need to call our offices out of hours and at weekends, click After Office interclun for a up to date list of the names of the Duty Executives and their mobile phone numbers.

Any other document authorised under knterclub charterparty incorporating the Hague or Hague-Visby Rules or containing terms no less favourable.

One interclun the purposes of the Clubs in drafting the ICA was to change that point. Condensation resulting from something other than improper ventilation or bad stowage where there is not irrefutable evidence that the claim arose out of the act or neglect of Charterers, their servants or sub-contractors.

Such notification shall if possible include details of the contract of carriage, the nature of the claim and the amount claimed.

However, if under such a charterparty, charterers have issued bills of lading to which the Hamburg Rules apply as a matter of law, there will be no defence to a claim for negligent navigation or management of the vessel under the bill of lading but charterers will be unable to pass on the claim to owners due to the negligent navigation or management of the vessel defence in the charterparty.


Waybills authorised under the charterparty and incorporating the Hague or Hague-Visby Rules or containing terms no less favourable.

Under the Agreement, it is envisaged that condensation claims will be dealt with as follows: Claims in fact arising out of error or fault in navigation or management of the vessel, are to be apportioned per cent to owners.

Intsrclub would seem that the phrase means stowage of the container on board the chartered vessel. The ICA appears to have become somewhat standard qgreement the trade, since it is now often expressly incorporated into charterparties in the NYPE form. Accordingly in the absence of payment, no accrued cause of action crystallises and there is therefore no right, prior to payment, for the party sued in respect of a Cargo Claim to require that the other party to the charterparty, provide security which could be sought, by, for example, arresting or threatening to arrest a vessel or other property.

Industry newsPress releases. A material amendment is defined in both forms as one which makes liability for cargo claims clear.

Inter-Club Agreement (as amended 1 September 2011)

The new form also makes clear that the Clubs have a duty agree,ent recommend application of the Agreement to their Members whether or not the Agreement is incorporated into the relevant charterparty. William is a solicitor based in the London office. Since the ICA extends to claims arising under through or combined transport bills of lading, a question arises as to how “stowage” should be interpreted in respect of containerised cargo: It went on to provide that ex-gratia payments made for commercial or other reasons, where no legal liability existed, were to be borne by the party by whom the payment was made.

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