Import and Export through the Command Line. ‹ Import .. If necessary, you can find links for downloading JDBC drivers from the Jaspersoft Community website. To prevent horizontal truncation of an Ad Hoc report when exported, set the Actual Size option in the Ad Hoc Editor. Excel (Paginated). XLS. Not recommended. As a Jaspersoft administrator, you can export and import the Jaspersoft Advanced Reporting content. This content includes organizations, Ad.

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When checked, the Update option will import only resources that are newer than ones with the same URI in the current repository. Make sure the output location specified for an export is expoet to the local user running the app server containing JasperReports Server.

Products Solutions Services Resources. This option should only be used in conjunction with –roles. See Command-Line Utilities for guidelines when running the command-line utilities. When checked, the Include access events option imports the modification times of resources from the catalog. The system user name and password are not required because js-import and js-export do not make changes to database schema. Exporting From the Settings UI To export users and roles in addition to, or instead of, repository contents, use the server settings pages for system administrators.

The default behavior when a resource is found in the target repository that has the same URI as the resource that you are attempting to import is to skip the creation operation and leave the existing resource unchanged no overwrite occurs.


When using the import and export utilities, keep in mind the following: Check the box for Include access events if you want to include resource modification times. You can import any catalog jawperserver file created by the export UI or the command-line export utility.

If any server settings have been modified in the UI, those are included as well. When this option is present, each role export triggers the export of all users belonging to the role. The server uploads the catalog zip file and imports its contents into the repository.

When this option is specified, this organization becomes the root for all roles, users, and URIS to be listed for export. Select the users to export.

The export Service

The following examples compare the two commands: When this option is present, repository permissions are exported along with each exported folder and resource. For a folder URI, this option exports the scheduled jobs of all reports in the folder and recursively in jaspeserver subfolders. When specified, the export will include any and all calendars of all types holiday, recurring, When using the js-import command line utility, the jasperservrr must be stopped to avoid issues with caches, configuration, and security.

When specifying users, you must give their organization ID if applicable, for example: To select specific users and roles: The server will also export the users that are assigned those roles.


See Jaspersoft iReport Designer. See Command-Line Utilities for guidelines when running the command-line utilities.

How to import the entire content of jaspersoft | CA Communities

The roles assigned the users you selected are highlighted. The originating server settings must be modified through the UI. The –uris option allows you to specify one or more resource URIs. Exporting From the Command Line. Import the myDir catalog folder, replacing existing resources if their URIs jaspefserver types match those found in the catalog:. Restores access events date, time, and username of last modification on imported resources.

If you are importing to a different server, you must configure an encryption key on both servers, as described in Setting the Import-Export Encryption Key. When specified, the export will omit all the items such as roles, users, and resources that belong to suborganizations, even if they are directly specified using the corresponding options.

Import and Export through the Web UI

If jasperwerver theme contains the file pageSpecific. The content to send describes the export options, for example: As of JasperReports Server 5.

Path of a directory in which to create the output catalog folder. In this case, all associated resources such as images, subreports, data sources, resource bundles, and class files are exported. This option is equivalent to:

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