Digital Electronics. 8. Multiplexer & Demultiplexer. Module Multiplexers and Demultiplexers. 1 Introduction. 2 Principles of Multiplexing and Demultiplexing. 4 Sep The multiplexer used for digital applications, also called digital multiplexer, is a A demultiplexer is a circuit with one input and many output. 27 Mar The Digital Electronics Basics series present the fundamental theories and concepts taught at entry level electronics courses at both 2 year and.

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Let’s say that we have 2 inputs to a given circuit, and we only have one output. Multiplexer – Multiplexer means transmitting a large number of information units over a smaller number of channels or lines. Quote of the day. Latest Blogs Web Browsers: Data cannot get through any of the demulyiplexer seven channels.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. A decoder can also be used as demultiplexer. The purpose of this question is to approach the domain of circuit troubleshooting from a perspective of knowing demultiplexet the fault is, rather than only knowing what the symptoms are.

Multiplexers and Demultiplexers | Digital Circuits Worksheets

Processor register Register file Memory buffer Program counter Stack. This would be typical when: Analyze the circuit, determining all output logic states for given input conditions. Electfonics output signals can be eemultiplexer by connecting LEDs at the output pins of each combinational circuit.

You will notice that for example the output will be low 0 when you select 0 0 for the data select lines which refer to the input 0 or the top most input line. Since there are two select pins and data from each input is routed through one AND gate, 3-input AND gates are required for the circuit. In the previous tutorial, encoder and decode r demultipexer were built using SN series logic gate ICs. Demultiplexer – The function of a Demultiplexer demultkplexer opposite to multiplexer function.

Because it is so easy to get these four functions mixed up in your mind, it is important that you arrive at your own understanding of which is which, rather than have someone else like me provide ready-made definitions for you to memorize.


It must be noted that the selected ICs have compatible input, output and supply voltage levels as they are taken from a common family 74XX series of digital ICs. The combinational circuit of demultiplexer is similar to decoder except that demultiplexer has select inputs that determine to which electronice line input binary data must be channelized.

Take for example this truth table, shown beside a symbol for a channel multiplexer: In digital electronics, a multiplexer is a combination of logic gates resulting into circuits with two or more inputs data inputs and one output.

This question forces students to directly face a point of confusion I have noticed over several years of teaching. For example, can it select an analog waveform, such as human speech from a microphone? This page was last digita on 14 Juneat Although this is not necessarily a realistic perspective, it helps students build the foundational knowledge necessary to diagnose a faulted circuit from empirical data.

Explain how these multiplexing techniques work, and what conditions would prompt you to use the two different multiplexing modes. This is a discrete-signal device, only.

You will notice that the resulting output is indicated by the illumination of the respective LED on the right hand side as shown below:. The main application of demultiplexer is in communication systems where multiplexer are also used at the transmission end. For each of these conditions, explain why the resulting effects will occur.

Start Free Trial No credit card required. A multiplexer selects binary information present on any one of the input lines, depending upon the logic status of the selection inputs, and routes it to the output line. The IC operates on positive logic system.

Digital Circuits/Multiplexers-Demultiplexers

Learning to analyze digital circuits requires much study and practice. In electronicsa multiplexer or mux is a device that selects elecyronics of several analog or digital input signals and forwards the selected input into a single line.


Since there are two select pins and one data input, 3-input AND gates are required for the circuit.

What if it mulyiplexer 10 Hz? Decoding and demultiplexing are usually performed by the same integrated circuit device. You will find the circuit below:.

Multiplexer allows the process of transmitting different type of data such as audio, video at the same time using a single transmission line. But most of us plan for our students to do something in the real mutiplexer with the education we give them. A counter is attaching to the control input of the demultiplexer.

Digital Circuits/Multiplexers-Demultiplexers – Wikibooks, open books for an open world

Back to Top 4. Multiplexers, or data selectors, may be used to generate arbitrary truth table functions. This article is about electronics switching. If no one has any, give them a hint: In some cases, the far end system may have functionality greater than a simple demultiplexer; and while the demultiplexing still occurs technically, it may never be implemented discretely.

All outputs on the chip go high, all the time. They also need real, hands-on practice building circuits and using test equipment. Digital Design and Computer Architecture. From Wikibooks, open books for an open world.

The switches would be synchronized according to clocks at either end of the line, and cycled back and forth repeatedly:. The output of the NOT gates have a voltage of 3.

Often, a multiplexer and demultiplexer are combined together into a single piece of equipment, which is conveniently referred to as a “multiplexer”. Conversely, a demultiplexer or demux is a device taking a single input signal and selecting one of many data-output-lines, which is connected to the single input.

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