RMAN Interview Questions from Geekinterview – Free download as Word Doc . doc), PDF File .pdf), Text Oracle 11g RAC Interview Question and Answers. 18 Jul ORACLE DATABASE RMAN INTERVIEW QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS LIKE What are the advantages of RMAN?Validation of the backup Parallelism What are the new features of Oracle 11g RMAN? We have some new. 19 Nov rman interview and scenario based questions and answer and also rman(backup and What are new features in Oracle 11g RMAN?

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What happens actually in case of instance Recovery? July 25, Reply. What is a redo log? DBV does not need a connection to the database. Undo will be generated. RMAN intervoew stores this information in the target database control file. This can also be used to generate explain plan output. The import catalog command will import the source recovery catalog contents into the target recovery catalog.

Oracle Database RMAN Interview Questions

A global partitioned qurstions is an index on a partitioned or non partitioned tables which are partitioned using a different partitioning key from the table and can have different number of partitions. Be the first to get latest updates and exclusive content straight to your email inbox. What type of backup do you get and what is actually backedup?

Can a tablespace hold objects from different schemes? Command to delete archive logs older than 7days? It’s good to talk you. Hash clusters are better choice when a table is often queried with equality queries.

On Friday morning database goes down. Perform the Required steps to confirm your answer? A 19 Below are some of xnd frequently used views: We can recover it from there. I have gained a wide knowledge of the Oracle software stack and have worked on several big projects for multi-national companies. To generate read-consistent database information during database recovery and to rollback uncommitted transactions by the users.


Backups, backup sets, and backup pieces 4. Check whether backup pieces proxy copies or disk copies still exist. Services define rules and characteristics unique name, workload balancing, failover options, and high availability to control how users and applications connect to database instances.


Daily we will take full RMAN backup for all prod databases and will take structural export backup. Thanks a lot for your efforts for posting. Intterview restoring datafile to C: Your information will never be shared. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Validation of the backup.


Q 20 How to check the version of your recovery catalog? Truncate will release the space.

May 5, Reply. The related columns of the tables in a cluster are called the cluster key.

Backups and proxy copies of a database, tablespace, datafile, archived redo log, or control file Backups that have expired Backups restricted by time, path name, device type, tag, or recoverability Archived redo log files and disk copies. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter rmman comment here It should not be corrupt under normal circumstances, if it were, it would be a bug or failure of some component in your system.

Now, if you have the extra 3 on standby, the standby in this case can start to use 3 while its 1 is being archived. An update statement increases the amount of data in a row so that the row no longer fits in its data blocks. You loss interviea datafile and it does not contain important objects. A 18 Moving Recovery catalog to another database is simple process a Create a new recovery catalog in the target database. Since sync is done from Target database control file, so you must connect to the recovery catalog as well as to the target database in order to perform the resynchronization.


For this question my answer was oracle is creating a session for that particular user process. Can we use same target database as catalog? Newer Post Older Post Home.

RMAN can not take backup of the pfile, Redo logs, network configuration files, password files, external tables and the contents of the Oracle home files. A logical grouping of backup files — the backup pieces — that are created when you issue an RMAN backup command.

Therefore, the authentication of the DBA must happen outside of the database. Using the above statement You recover the corrupted blocks. Oracle 10g R2 RAC: Thankfully my work allows me time for researching new technologies and to write about them.

The data of logical database structures such as tables and indexes is physically stored in the datafiles allocated for a database. A database is divided into Logical Storage Unit called tablespaces.

This process is called transaction recovery. In split brain situation, instances independtly access the data and modify the same blocks and the database will end up with changed database overwritten which could lead to data corruption. Good set of questions. It is also used questipns update statistics and provide a heartbeat mechanism.

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