The tenants’ rights should be detailed in the tenancy agreement. The tenancy agreement is a formal written contract between a landlord and tenant which detail . Tenancy Agreement – Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) years will cost One Thousand Four Hundred and Forty Ghana Cedis (Gh¢1. TENANCY AGREEMENT. DATE: 1st August PARTIES: 1. The Landlord XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX P. O. Box , Nairobi. (as the registered.

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Unless the tenancy falls under one of the exceptions, it will be an assured shorthold tenancy, with the same protection as a written agreement.

Despising the importance of having documentation for material possession in life is easy in some quotas. A tenancy or lease agreement is the basic grounding for probably the single largest monthly, or annual in the case of Ghana, transaction that a tenant will make. That the rent for the house ………… give a description may be adjusted upwards after the duration of tenancy has expired. Anybody who wants to rent and occupy a property for a period of time is known as a tenant.

Noteworthy, these documents are drafted by people but should be based upon the law. This is particularly regards to utility bills, water and electricity. Nevertheless, your ignorance does not mean that the laws of Ghana will not be applied whenever needed.

Thanks for sharing useful information for us. That tenants are to maintain peace and harmony within the premises both with the landlord and other tenants and should help the landlord to achieve this. The functions of a Rent and Housing Committee in relation to the area of authority of a particular District Council shall be. The Ghana rent law, for instance, states that a tenant should take care of the landlord’s property and pay all utility bills.

These are devoid of any useful information, like the legal experience of the author, for example.

Exemptions The provisions of Section 1 of this Law shall not apply to any lease or tenancy held by Government or other State agency; of premises let for industrial, commercial or other business purposes; of premises tenanncy by diplomatic or consular missions, international organisations, foreign companies and firms which under section 1 of the Rent Amendment No. Additionally, the agreement should state to whom the money should be paid and the means of payment.


If the responsibility is on the tenants and then shared ratio should be established.


Thereafter, both parties should state whether they want to renew or terminate the agreement. I wasn’t searching for ones with problems. A Rent and Housing Committee shall at the end of each month submit to the Committee for the Defence of the Revolution, and the Zonal Co-ordinating Office and the Secretary a report on its work for the month. Get the latest on all things real estate in Ghana, from hottest property listings to home improvement tips!

Anything outside of this would be irregular and both parties should be very gjana about its implications before entering into it. I agree to the terms and conditions. Court not to have Supervisory or Other Jurisdiction Over Committees No court shall have jurisdiction to entertain any action or proceedings whatsoever for the purpose of questioning any decision, finding, ruling, order or proceeding of a Rent and Housing Committee; and for the removal of doubt, it shall not be lawful for any court to entertain any application for an order or writ in the nature of habeas corpus, ij, mandamus, prohibition, quo warrantoinjunction or declaration in respect of the decision, order, finding, ruling or proceeding of any such Rent and Housing Committee.

Tenancy/Lease Agreements: 5 things to know before signing

The total number of keys will be given back to the landlord when tenant is leaving the house. Kn pitfalls ghaha free online legal advice – Tenancy agreements Details Parent Category: That the property should be used only as a residence.

Worry not, there are a few things that should be on the tenancy agreement, and those are what you should know. But if that action continues, a letter of quit order agrfement be given to that Tenant without refunding his or her balance. In fact possibly better, as the landlord will find it difficult to use the accelerated possession procedure without a written agreement.

The Rent Act of Ghana Act was established in and was mandated by the Rent Control Division, as the body in charge of monitoring and establishing guidelines to manage the tenant-landlord relationship. Not to subject the room without the written consent of the Landlord or house owner.

How to write a tenancy agreement in Ghana with samples

At worst it is downright inaccurate in ways that may cause substantial problems for anyone, landlord or tenant, who relied upon it. Any destruction or alteration of the property is punishable by law. State of the property — Do not commit without the knowledge of the actual state of the property. Real Estate Advice and Tips Tags: Nevertheless, you probably are wondering with all the relevance and importance of this document what should I look for in such a contractual report bearing in mind you are neither a legal expert nor tenwncy real estate professional.


Facts and Life Hacks. For instance, it should be stated that tenant X and landlord ABC agreed that on this day ……… of ……… 20XX to enter into the agreement, which begins on …………… and ends on ……… Made this 21st day of January Some of the ‘articles’ have an author name attached and there are ‘author bios’.

The Secretary may by legislative instrument amend the First Schedule from time ahreement time as he deems necessary. That the amount of nine thousand six hundred Gov’t bungalows on rent for 14 cedis only.

Lease Agreements: 5 things to know before signing

Government approves new allowances for boards, councils to the tune of GHc2, per sitting. Give Yourself A Big Bathroom. Prince Charles Baffour 23 July at Notwithstanding any provision in any enactment to the contrary and until the 6th day of March no landlord shall raise the rent prescribed by this Law in respect of any residential accommodation referred to in subsection 1 of this section.

Name of the tenant: That the house will be painted and ready for occupancy on ……….

You may also like: I should be clear that these were just articles that I chose to look at. The Tenant shall keep his jurisdiction in proper manner as to give sanitation in the house. It may entail; their physical addresses, occupations, telephone numbers, next of kin, marital status, nationality and so on. Send me useful tips. A Rent and Housing Committee shall be duly constituted for the transaction of business at any proceedings of the Committee by not less than five members.

Appeals Any person who is aggrieved by a decision or order of ghhana Rent and Housing Committee may within thirty days from the date of the decision or order appeal against the decision or order to a Community or District Public Tribunal.

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