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Finalmente se promedia la Velocidad Comercial estipulada para los servicios Ida y Vuelta, generando un promedio por franja horaria.

In Octobera users’ information system was introduced. La FloridaLa Granja.

It has a length of 12 meters and a width of 2. The government defended the plan as necessary for a better transport system, adding it will improve as people become more used to it, adding everything is being done to improve it. Passengers who do not have the card may pay in cash only in feeder busesbut at a higher fare and without possibility of reduced transfers.

Abajo en el mapa aparece el trazado, los puntos rojos eran el servicio original para apoyar al Metro. Transantiago became fully operational on February 10,with the introduction of a new route system dividing bus lines into two complementary groups: El recorrido H10 fue provisto por Transaraucarias en sus comienzos con los buses rosados. It is expected that bythe older buses will be completely replaced by over 4, new vehicles.

Transantiago’s implementation was problematic, as the decreased bus fleet and the newer routes have proved insufficient to properly serve a population inadequately informed of pending changes. The system combines local feeder bus lines, main bus lines and the Metro subway network. Consolidado de Frecuencias — Capacidades — Distancias — Velocidades.

The local fare will allow local trips inside a local area, also allowing free transfers between local services in that area.

El top de recorridos más largos de Transantiago – Administración y Transportes CL

He hecho este recorrido en sus versiones originales J09 completo y original casi entero. The engine is on the left side between the first and second axles i. El servicio cruza gran parte de la ciudad transatniago 75,67 kilometros y vueltas que duran alrededor de 4 horas y media. This transfer fare will be much smaller than the basic fares. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Lo que resulte decimal se multiplica por 60 para convertir a minutos.


An integrated fares scheme was introduced for buses and metro, allowing to transfer for free or paying a small transfer charge. This article needs to be updated. Este recorrido nace a partir del y para resolver un problema urgente de los primeros meses de Transantiago.

File: – Wikimedia Commons

The requirement to have each business unit with different companies was eliminated and the relationship between these tours are encouraged, in order to provide better service to passengers by reducing transfers. Although polls had shown the citizens of Santiago were overwhelmingly in favor of a new transport system, [2] its implementation was heavily criticized for not meeting up to people’s expectations.

Archived from the original PDF on Transantiago is a public transport system that serves Santiagothe capital of Chile. El tiempo de la vuelta es relativamente estable y demora alrededor de 4 horas 15 minutos.

Finally, a transfer fare will have to be paid when transferring between a main bus service or metro and a local service. This page was last edited on 2 Augustat One of the main lessons learned from Transantiago’s planning and implementation is the risky consequences of introducing the operational service for the entire scheme at once, without a transition period between the old system and the new scheme, or what has been called as a “Big Bang” approach.

In comparison to the old buses of Santiago, at least half the new ones have a low floor, and all have a blocking system that does not allow the bus to move before all doors are closed Although the later doesn’t always work, since there have been many cases of people almost falling down the bus. Se divide el Kilometraje total por la Velocidad. In Junethe scheme of local and trunk services was disbanded.

El servicio suma 78,81 kilometros y la vuelta demora entre 4 horas y 4 horas 30 minutos. Respuesta oka, Ariel muchas gracias, precisamente lo quiero en caso de, para saber que hacer en caso que falle el metro saludos igual! The definitive fare scheme considers two basic fares local and main faresin addition to the transfer fares. As a result, users have overcrowded the Metro, which is generally held to be fast and dependable.


There were several problems with the design and initial implementation of the plan. The details of both the main bus lines and the local bus lines can be seen in the official [1].

The system’s first days in operation were chaotic at many of the bus stops, since there were not enough buses to cope with the demand. Support in Santiago for President Michelle Bachelet ‘s government fell from Wikimedia Commons has media related to Transantiago. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Another component of the system is the information manager and users’ information provider, which was tendered and awarded to the private company Tata Consultancy Services Chile in Actualmente tiene 75,86 kilometros y la vuelta demora poco menos de 4 horas y media.

From that moment seven operating units, each assigned to a concessionaire which included both trunk and local services were generated. It is considered the most ambitious transport reform undertaken by a developing country according to the World Resources Institute.

The main fare will be a little higher and will allow trips both in the main bus lines and metro, including free transfers between them.


Bus owners’ contracts offered no incentive to improve service, as they received a fixed payment no matter how many passengers they transport. The second subsystem corresponds to the local or feeder bus trannsantiago, which allow short trips and feed the metro and main bus lines.

Metbus es una de las mejores operadoras de Transantiago y este servicio funciona bien. Finalmente, el recorrido sigue siendo poco competitivo con el Metro. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information.

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