16 May Yeh Khamoshi Kahan Tak by Shahid Azizیہ خاموشی کہاں تک جنرل شاہد عزیز. Yeh Khamoshi Kahan Tak by Lt. Gen. Shahid Aziz. likes. Book written by Lt. Gen. (R) Shahi Aziz. He is a Pakistan Military three-star General, former. Yeh Khamoshi Kahan Tak by Lt. Gen. Shahid Aziz updated their cover photo.

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What were these actions that he regrets to much?

Yeh Khamoshi Kahan Tak / یہ خاموشی کہاں تک by Shahid Aziz

This book also exposes Musharraf and his policies of how he sold the country to America and how American agencies are responsible for the bomb blasts in Pakistan. I tried to get it from Pakistan but in veil. Anonymous February 3, at 9: You could have went on premature retirement like Gen Usmani and Gen Mahmood but that means withdrawal of all privileges, no more star and flag showing cars, no more gun salutes o more further plots.

Tell me sir, how have you come across this weird and wonderful insight when there is no evidence to support any of your claims?

Yeh Khamoshi Kahan Tak by Shahid Aziz – یہ خاموشی کہاں تک جنرل شاہد عزیز

When would the senior leadership of this country realize that they have been fooling the teeming millions for decades in the name of Islam, Jihad and proxy wars in Afghanistan and Kashmir; But that enough is enough. He claims he tried to go after big fish, but was stymied by Musharraf and Shaukat Aziz and their political calculations. Why we always want to teach our experiences because “the experience is a type of dish when its ready you don’t have teeth to eat it”.

Ali rated it it was amazing Oct 27, This system which is made for the elite is rotten and cannot deliver results for the masses. I am unable to download the book. High Command of our Army is deprived from religion and such courage One of the potent revolts in Pakistan was sparked 50 years ago. A country in dire need of a resolution, Pakistan is a ready market for people calling for reform.


Anonymous November 25, at Anonymous February 2, at Allah ap ka hamioo Nasir Sep 26, Mohsin Baig rated it it was amazing. Asad Ali rated it did not like it Aug 14, Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Jun 18, Inam Ullah rated it it was amazing.

Yeh Khamoshi Kahan Tak A book leads towards inspiration, patriotism, truth, wisdom,behind the scene stories. In this endeavour I have khamosho my life bare, and exposed myself to all forms of criticism. Ayman Shafiq rated it liked it Jul 20, I am amazed that even now, your recipe for survival of this nation is Jihad as if we haven’t had enough of it since the 70s. Kamoshi 23, Fawad Bukhari rated it it was amazing.

Whether this reflects positively on Shahid Aziz or negatively on Faiz Ahmed Khamoahi is up to the reader. When would this book be available online? The book has garnered mixed reviews. I’ll write an email for further details. Although I did not join the army but was nurtured in an army home surrounded by faujis so therefore was able to relate to quite a few of your experiences directly or indirectly.

Book will be delivered to you by post for Rs The young man was all set to take up an engineering career in Africa but circumstances led him into the army instead. Ap apney kidar mein kia es Qom ki Hurmat becheny mein shaereek nahi. Anonymous February 13, at 1: And this is the least price I must pay for the suffering that some of my mistakes have caused to this nation.

Every limb of Pakistani state is terribly damaged by shroud irresponsible journalists just because of self professing desire of these current and former state actors. Musharraf is blamed for a lot but he cannot be denied credit for tolerating Aziz, at least for some time, as the head of the National Accountability Bureau NAB.


I believe, Allah bless you with honor in this world and the world hereafter Both situations of truth. Indian soldiers during the Kargil war — AFP.

Shahid Aziz December 8, at 9: Yeh Khamoshi Kahan Tak. Dear SIr, m living in Malaysia how can i get a copy of your book.

Secondly, at least there is someone to agree that kkahan is not right, even when “there is no use crying of over spilt milk”. I think, this is a great Jihad For me you seemed to have lost the plot completely when detailing the way the world works.

Com and today i watched your interview on “Geo News” and i found you a real perfect solider for our country. Ksimply October 29, at Baat Ghur k keh daynay main aur Suchai ko apny samny apny khilaf khara karna kisi vali ka he kaam ho suckta hay aap ya mujh jaysay BayAkal loogon ka kam nai hay Ahmed July 5, at 2: Aik Sipahi ki Dastan-i-Ishq-o-Junoon, has been hailed as a trendsetter, and for some valid reasons.

Book is available in all major book stores in Pakistan. Musharraf, who was now related to him by marriage, seems khamoshk have trusted him and promoted him regularly.

Jo ap ki book purhay ga woh aap say Question nai karay ga zindagi guzarnay ka Tareeka sikhay ga. Hi, I won’t say anything until I read the book.

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