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and impedances. Description. The 4N29, 4N30, 4N31, 4N32, 4N33 have a gallium arsenide infrared emitter optically coupled to a silicon planar photodarlington. 4N33 ON Semiconductor / Fairchild Transistor Output Optocouplers DIP-6 PHOTO DARL datasheet, inventory, & pricing. Optoisolator Darlington with Base Output Vrms 1 Channel 6-DIP.

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Induces the formation of Birbeck granules BGs ; is a potent regulator of membrane superimposition and zippering.

Structural highlights 4n33 is a 4 chain structure with sequence from Human.

Views Article Discussion Edit this page History. Protects against human immunodeficiency virus-1 HIV-1 infection. It is a condition characterized by the absence of Birbeck granules in epidermal Langerhans cells.

Common polymorphisms in human langerin change specificity for glycan ligands. Toolbox Upload file Special pages Printable version Permanent link.


Full crystallographic information is available from OCA. National Library of Medicine. Despite the lack of Birbeck granules Langerhans cells are present in normal numbers 43n3 have normal morphologic characteristics and antigen-presenting capacity.

4n333, a C-type lectin on Langerhans cells, mediates carbohydrate-dependent uptake of pathogens in the first step of antigen presentation to the adaptive immune system. Glycan array screening reveals that this amino acid change abolishes binding to oligosaccharides with terminal 6SO4-Gal and enhances binding to oligosaccharides with terminal GlcNAc residues.

Binds to high-mannose structures 4n3 on the envelope glycoprotein which is followed by subsequent targeting of the virus to the Birbeck granules leading to its rapid degradation.

Retrieved from ” http: Langerin with Asp and Ile shows no binding to 6SO4-Gal-terminated glycans and increased binding to GlcNAc-terminated structures, but overall decreased binding to glycans.

4n33 – Proteopedia, life in 3D

Langerin binds a diverse range of carbohydrates including high mannose structures, fucosylated blood group antigens and glycans with terminal 6-sulfated galactose. Structural analysis shows that enhanced binding to GlcNAc may result from Ile packing against the N-acetyl group.


W Tan, S L. For a guided tour on the structure components use FirstGlance. Altered langerin function in individuals with the linked AsnAsp and LysIle polymorphisms may affect susceptibility to infection by micro-organisms.

Binds to sulfated as well as mannosylated glycans, keratan sulfate KS and beta-glucans. A commonly occurring single nucleotide polymorphism SNP in human langerin results in change of one of these lysine residues, Lys, to isoleucine.

Asymmetric Unit Biological Assembly. Major receptor on primary Langerhans cells for Candida species, Saccharomyces species, and Malassezia furfur.

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