AIA Contract Documents are divided into six alphanumeric series by document use or B– (formerly B– Part 1), Standard Form of Agreement . AIA Contract Documents are divided into six alphanumeric series by document use or . B– (formerly B– Part 1), Standard Form of Agreement . AIA Document B, Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and .. There are many ways to modify AIA contract documents, and some work better.

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If possible, we desire the as-built set and the balance report information for the current 1 st floor build-out.

If the Architect determines that the Contractor has fallen substantially behind schedule, the Architect shall request from the Contractor a cobtract plan to bring b1441 Work back on schedule. The caging systems themselves shall be directly connected by flexible ductwork to the dedicated exhaust duct and fan serving the cagewasher, which is located in the mechanical penthouse.

The notes do not cover all sections of the contract. Please return the signed original to us. The Hubbell clear flexible covers over light switches shall not be painted.

AIA Contract Document B | Arch Exam Handbook

All estimates, recommendations, opinions and decisions of Sterling Engineering Co. G141 Architect shall have authority to act on behalf of the Owner only to the extent provided in this Agreement unless otherwise modified by written amendment.


Please sign your name; print your name, title, and the date in the space provided. Sub Total Basic Services.

Then with evaluating bids and proposals, after which awarding contracts. For a breakout contrct the fee by tasks and associated hours please refer to the attached spreadsheets.

All hollow metal door frames as indicated on the drawing shall be fitted with Acrovyn DFP-B door frame protection sleeves, manufactured by Construction Specialties.

Design confirmation code review of the SOS concept floor plan.

For the following Project: Meetings limited to every two weeks during design. This Agreement represents the entire and integrated agreement between the Owner and the Architect and supersedes all prior negotiations, representations or agreements, either written or oral.

The Client hereby releases Sterling Engineering Co. Change Orders and Construction Change Directives requiring evaluation of proposals, including the preparation or revision of Instruments of Service when such Change Orders and Construction Change Directives are issued solely as a result of some action or inaction on the part of a party other than the Architect.

Access panels shall be installed as needed to allow full and complete access. Signage and Graphics not included. We do not intend on assessing the ductwork on the other floors, but again, would like it to be as complete and accurate as possible for the client. No claxon or horn shall be mounted in the two qualified housing rooms, with the approval of the Fire Marshal.

List other documents, if any, forming part of the Agreement. Emergency systems consist of outlets powering the six ventilated caging systems; penthouse exhaust fan ventilating the caging systems; four emergency heat pump units one in each qualified housing room ; and two additional V 20A circuits. The Architect shall subsequently prepare a summary report of the negotiation results, as directed by contrsct Owner.


The Architect shall be entitled to reasonably rely upon the adequacy, accuracy and completeness of the services, certifications or approvals performed by such design professionals. If the schedule is compressed, the price should be reevaluated. We assume we will not require escorts for the 1 st floor, penthouse or ground floor areas during our survey.

The Contractor is solely responsible for safety regarding all work.

The Architect shall not be required to execute certificates that would require knowledge, services or responsibilities beyond the scope of this Agreement, but the Owner may require and the Architect shall execute, as part of its scope of Services described under Article 1. If such services are required we would provide a sia quote at the time the scope is determined. Services are grouped into six categories: Sturbridge, MA P: The Construction Documents shall b1411 forth in detail the requirements for construction of the Project.

Normal power for outlets and lighting.

The performance specification here is to make as air-tight, and vermin-tight, a seal at both doors as is possible.

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