Chad Kultgen’s latest novel, The Average American Marriage is the sequel to his provocative first novel, The Average American Male. That leaves us with Chad Kultgen’s newest release, The Average American Marriage. It’s the sequel to Chad’s debut in publishing; The. In Kultgen’s sequel to The Average American Male, his unnamed narrator is now unhappily married to Alyna and they have two kids, Andy and.

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If you are not into the mans take of a “fifty shades of gray” I would suggest saving yourself the time and the money. Will Self’s novels are raunchy and highly sexed, but funny and incredibly creative. Jul 22, Heather rated it really liked it. Apr 29, Jodie rated it it was amazing. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

At a certain point our hero states all of this in a drug-warped stupor, and it is very sad. If you have a problem with male view of sexuality, you definitely shouldn’t read this book. After two years of being entrenched with rock-stars and their entourages, Chad moved on to become a staff writer for one of American Media’s most beloved supermarket tabloids.

Even at the most desperate moments, our narrator knows that his end is over dueeverything seems like a foregone conclusion. I have been typing in word or notepad documents because this had been happening but thought “oh it will be fine this time” but it WASN’T. Oct 05, Lukas Lovas rated it really liked it.

Return to Book Page. It has all been an insane ride of sex, but not just bad sex, or good sex, but sex, in all forms. It was good, very good. Regardless of whether or not you like what the narrator is saying, there’s no denying the truth in Chad is actually a friend of mine so I read all his books. Eventually he kicks Holly to the curb and begins the slow process of reconciling himself not only to his wife but his life within the modern incarnation marriaye American marriage.


The main character is neither an effective, funny polemic; nor does he garner any human sympathy; nor does he provide any nuanced insight into actual life.

The Average American Marriage by Chad Kultgen

Don’t get me wrong, he’s going to bring the humor, you’re going to laugh a lot throughout the book, but this one isn’t going to let you limp away when you’re done, you’ll be crawling. Spoilers, last warning nameless man cheats and cheats quite severely with Holly the intern and marrisge his marriage. What Kultgen is a master of here is voice and the depiction of feeling. You would think this humorous, deadpan, distanced, nuanced, oversexed style would be difficult for Chad to maintain for all of his books, but you’d be wrong – this is just as entertaining as its predecessor and the rest of Chad’s catalog.

Its impossible to feel anything for them. I was kulgten pleased that the author was able to have these in his novels without taking away from the plot line or doing them injustices.

As the protagonist points out at a certain juncture in the book, America is not kulhgen the best of straits. This continuation of the tale of our relatable and by that I mean we vicariously desire these experiences averagge the oft-unpleasant ramifications narrator borders on boring.

I found this amazing. The main character never really aspired to much, he just wanted to have a much sex as possible and that seems to be all that he wants from the human experience. And these stories are about people who still treat sex like pleasure in a world where Pilgrim morals still reign. Oct 24, Travis rated it really liked it.

Chad is actually a friend of mine so I read all his books. I’m pretty sure this is satirical, though. You definitely can understand this guy, but you also feel where Alyna the wife is coming from at the same time.


That isn’t to say that this is a bad thing, it just has an ending that’s a little more solemn than I was expecting. Honestly, his wife was probably thinking along the same lines! My only negative thought: However she given him two kids and spends her days taking care of them.

He doesn’t just paint his female characters as negatives, his wife is unattractive and the intern is attractive so there it’s justified. Why I keep reading these, I have no clue.

Jonathan Franzen’s Freedom did the mid-life crisis much better. I won this through Goodreads first reads, and I cant tell you just how grateful I was. We go through the day by day motions with this man. An Anthology of stories in 25 words or less, published by W. I’m kulten surprised we haven’t had complaints about it yet. Jennifer Egan writes much more engagingly on technology and loneliness.

This was such a great find. Despite the success of the pilot internally, a perfectly timed regime change at VH1 left Chad with nothing but DVD of the night’s events and the paragraph you just read for his troubles. But, it’s definitely not my taste. I cant believe I almost forgot about this genre.

The Average American Marriage – Chad Kultgen

Every disgusting thought this man has will be written within the pages of this book. This is a good ending point for the series and does give some closure to the lives of the characters. Honestly I am not a prude! Well written crude storytelling. Lets’s laugh out loud always difficult for a book to pull offand pretend that my life never was and never will be like this one.

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