Bharathipura has 80 ratings and 7 reviews. The obviousness of the novel is embarrassing – URA is a caterer not a writer; he knows he’s catering but doesn’t. Format: Paperback. Bharathipura is an old-fashioned novel, with a captivating story that moves along Flaubertian lines: no pointless side-trips. At the same time, . 4 May I went through a similar sensation while reading this particular novel which The story is set in the town of Bharathipura which is noted for its.

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The next day the Holeyaru hesitate before the temple gate.

From Bharathipura

His attempt to ta First published in’Bharathipura’ reveals U. A few days before the planned entry the Bhharathipura huts catch fire though the source of this arson is never found.

I did once hear that “Moby Dick” was originally intended bharahipura a scientific study on whales which was later wrapped up in an adventurous story to make it more palatable. Vaidehi rated it liked it Aug 25, Want to Read Currently Reading Read. URA is an unnecessarily obvious writer of ideas and Bharathipura reads as though it has been written for somebody to write a thesis on ‘Tradition and Modernity in URA’s Fiction’.

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Neelakantaswami pulled the first man, Pilla, inside while Jagan stood there motionless. Hardcoverpages. Jagan suspects that this could be true, but looks ahead bharahhipura all the strength he can muster. They isolate him when he starts training a group of Holeyaru youth for temple entry.


Bharathipura by U.R. Ananthamurthy ಯು. ಆರ್. ಅನ೦ತಮೂರ್ತಿ

The day before the temple entry he decides to put an end to all this. He is the sixth person among eight recipients of the Jnanpith Award for the Kannada language, the highest literary honor conferred in India. Slow moving with lots of inner dialog of main character, Jagannatha, who wants to end the hold that god Manganatha bharathiura low caste counterpart god Bhoothariya have over the bharathpura in the town.

Thursday, 4 May Bharathipura – U. Meanwhile the chief priest’s house witnesses another set of incidents.

They insert maximum effort to alienate themselves from their caste and to become a part of the upperclassmen. Jagan is also shocked by the way the educated and employed Dalits behave toward their own caste people.

His efforts to educate the Holeyaru, or the untouchables in Bharathipura, appear ridiculous as many instances reveal that his actions revolve around impressing his white girlfriend. bharatuipura

He plays the hero by assuming the position of the light bearer to the untouchables whose names he keeps forgetting. Sometimes bhaeathipura others in the book seem to be thinking and speaking his thoughts. The in-depth interview of the author by Chakravarthy, a special feature of this volume, opens a window to Ananthamurthy’s art and worldview. Most of Ananthamurthy’s literary works deal with psychological aspects of people in different situations, times and circumstances.


His father treats him as a mere nkvel and he craves for some freedom.

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Karanam Prasad rated it it was ok Sep 08, Please note that these ratings solely represent the complete review ‘s biased interpretation and subjective opinion of the actual reviews and do not claim to accurately reflect or represent the views of the reviewers. And then throughout the book you are think “The instant of decision is nofel.

Preview — Bharathipura by U. Bharathipura, I believe one of his best work better than Samskara. Then he attacks his father and shuts himself in the temple waiting for Jagannatha. If we can prove to them how baseless this belief is, I am very movel a different mode of thinking will dawn in the minds of these people.

How many really empathise with them.

It discusses the role of religion in the continuance of age-old and sometimes illegal customs and also mocks the lofty politicians who take advantage of this ignorance.

Being a western educated young man, he comes back from England carrying a new version of “white man’s bharathioura. Please leave a comment. I have changed my perception negative to positive on URA after I read this book.

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