Leviton is the smart choice, delivering the most comprehensive range of solutions to meet the needs of today’s residential, commercial and industrial customers. Whether it’s for a server room, conference room, operating room, or classroom, Leviton and. Brand-Rex have complete end-to-end cabling systems for your. 19 Jun Title: Estore Catalogue June , Author: Jamaica Public Service, Name: 10 Leviton Passive Infrared Ceiling Mount Occupancy Sensor.

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We are doing amazing things with your product line, particularly in the commercial space. For other languages add language code to part number: Setting a scene is as simple as pressing the scene button on the Scene Switch five times.

Preprogrammed at the factory with a unique encryption code. Open the catalogue to page 8. Preprogrammed at the factory with a unique encryption code. Letter from the President During our 28th year in operation, I would like to thank you for your continued business and support. Arm or Log in and change your settings in disarm the alarm, view a security lighting, temperature, audio, and log, or select to bypass or restore security.

Everything between the controller and the readers—including power—goes over a single four-conductor or CAT-5 cable. Snap-Link anywhere an Internet connection is available. See special wiring instructions in wiring section. Uses CR lithium battery, included.

Two additional wires 12 11 required for low battery notifications. Automation Studio Automation Studio is a software package developed to allow customization of graphic interfaces and foreign language support for OmniTouchPro Software on third party Touchscreens.


This catalog also includes installation diagrams, application Open the catalogue to page Automate based upon schedules and activities.

Original Hi-Fi components use the same wiring. Wireless Recessed Door Contact 56A This recessed supervised wireless transmitter is used for the protection of doors and windows in installations where the contact must be totally hidden.

Activate lighting, video surveillance, and more when a vehicle is detected in a driveway or parking area.

Allows the door to be locked when closed, but can be automatically unlocked by the levion, or manually unlocked with a key. Incorporate Safety Features Add surveillance video, wireless door locks and access control. Check up on scenes. Monitor Control solenoid valves for lawn sprinklers, and control with your smartphone or tablet.

Residential structured wiring is often seen as a luxury, not a necessity. Anywhere, Anytime Omni automation systems provide remote access, allowing one to view live surveillance footage, unlock a door, view event logs, or activate the alarm at any time from a tablet, smartphone, or PC with zero monthly fees. LED indicator lights at the top of the switches can be programmed to glow blue, red, magenta, catapogo turned off entirely.

Open the catalogue to page Easy-to-recognize icons allow manual control with many other companies in related industries from familiar devices. Remote access to the entire facility from a smartphone or lsviton. Powers up to seven OmniTouch 7 Touchscreens one port must be connected to the network.

Structured wiring provides secure, reliable, and fast connectivity between consumer electronic devices in the home. Exact wire determined by distance and wire type.


HLC can operate stand-alone catalovo with an Omni or Lumina control system for advanced scheduling and remote access.

Leviton middle east product catalogue by SENTOR ELECTRICAL – Issuu

Have your system announce messages based on events in the house. This information is important to an installer to ensure optimum placement and performance of the transmitters and receivers. Controls the power consumption of high wattage loads such as pool pumps and hot water heater.

No on-site computer is needed. The controller can be accessed continuously and in real time through the interface without affecting the operation of the controller. You can even access multiple properties from a single app!

The converse is true as well. Use a single mobile device to control audio throughout the entire property and even receive meta-data information in the simulated OLED screen. Scroll through cameras to view boat docks, front doors, Check and adjust lighting pool areas, etc.

Click the links below to view the catalog pages.

LEVITON Product Guide

Conserve energy while maintaining the comfort level. The Omni system — If desired, a Lumina controller can be used without security. To learn more, go to leviton.

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