The Shiv Yog Durga Saptashati (DSS) book is an easy to understand summary of the Shiv Yog DSS programme which a practitioner uses to perform his daily. I’m not too interested in puja rituals and so I didn’t know and still don’t know the Durga Saptashati story and its significance. What I care about is dhyan and. IMPORTANT GUIDELINES ON SHIVYOG DURGA SAPTASHATI SADHANA, EVERYONE PLEASE READ TILL THE END: There are few important pointers with.

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In search of the script leaves of these sacred syllables and the process of their activation, Baba ji travelled miles from the Shibyog caves in the North to the sacred spots in the South of India. These Beej Mantras were taught only to a select few of the worthiest disciples. Infinite words to define Full Review.

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Shivanand had the good fortune of receiving direct spiritual initiation in Shakti Sadhna, the meditation on the Supreme Goddess at a tender age of eight through spiritual initiation by an immensely radiant Himalayan Saint Saptzshati Jagannath ji.

It’s my divine Sadguru grace to bless all of us with this great valuable miraculous divine been mantras of maa bhagwati Full Review.

Thank you Full Review. It’s my divine Sadguru grace to bless all of us with this great valuable miraculous divine been mantras of maa bhagwati. The power of Durga Saptashati is subtly present in its Beej Mantras or divine syllables just as curd in durgz milk.


It lit the spark of spiritual dedication in Dr.

Item removed from wishlist. Babaji guides us into a spiritual sphere through these divine mantras.

Slowly but surely, Dr. Slowly this legacy of passing on of the saprashati of Beej Mantras faded. Randhir Singh June 19, But it took years of deep meditation to unlock the coded Beej Mantras.

More Albums See more. Its really touch the bottom of my heart. Deepak Mishra May 7, This spiritual practice comprised of certain celestial sounds called Beej Mantras which were derived out of persistent meditation by the mystic saints of the Himalayas who wrote them on leaves and hid them for keeping them from falling in wrong hands. Shivanand himself received this grace after so decades of effort.

Argha Banerjee July 25, I like too much Meri shraddha badh gayee Avdhoot Baba Shivanand October 28, Ishaan Garg April 29, In the earlier times, this nectar of divine wisdom was far fetched for most. Now can daily listen Sri Durga Saptshati in Baba ji’s voice.

Shivanand himself through his celestial voice and power of intention. Gurudev ko naman Full Review. Free milna chahiye ye app Full Review. Shashank Agarwal July 15, Lots of love n thanks to babaji Full Review.

Dr. Avdhoot Shivanand’s and Durga Saptshati

Proceeding in his divine journey, Dr. Shivanand resolved to spread this wisdom to mankind so every human could also experience a happy and holistic life. The incident of rejuvenation of a nearly-dead person through healing by the Himalayan Yogi, left a profound impact on Dr.


Gaurang G Malviya October 24, Thanks a million from the core of my heart. Shivanand, to the extent that he used to sit for hours together in deep contemplation on the Goddess, at times losing track of time in the deep state of meditative trance. Very usfull Full Review.

Jagdish Khandiwar May 15, Monika kataria dhawan June 17, An ardent seeker as also a persevering practitioner of Shakti sadhna, he raised his consciousness to become Enlightened Guru His Holiness Dr. However, the Durga Saptashati Beej Mantratmak sadhna goes a level higher in that it is constituted by activated seeds of divine syllables — the Beej Mantras which instantaneously invoke the power of the Goddesses and relieve every kind of suffering.

Thanks baba ji Full Review. Puma Pareek June 6, Thx Baba ji for giving so much patience nd courage Jai Mata Di Full Review. But it is the good fortune durfa the modern society that Dr. Ashok Vethekar June 19,

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