8 Nov gsprint tool (from gsview). Contribute to /gsprint development by creating an account on GitHub. 10 Jun I thought I would share a “quick and dirty” solution that I found for printing PDFs using from the free GhostScript/GSView toolset. 26 Nov Ghostview also provides the command “GSPRINT” that will run ghostscript automatically to print a Postscript file on a generic Windows printer.

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For one, to be able to print using Adobe Reader, it needs an active window. Config file options must be one per line. Is there possibly a specific install that anyone gspeint point me to? So going this will not allow you the print files in a silent way. Join Stack Overflow to learn, share knowledge, and build your career.

Fire SentToPrinter is just a call of a statis method that handles treadsafe events.

GSPRINT – Ghostscript print to Windows printer

Hello, just wondering if this will do the following things: So this result in having Adobe showing up in the foreground when printing files. You are commenting using your WordPress. So adding additional fonts have to be done manually. First thing, when using the latest versions of the applications, the documentation about the fonts has become obsolete. Can you past an example using de UseGSPrint routine? So you should be sure those are set within you PDF file correctly.


Hi there, The EventsHelper. So, how about 3th party tools? If using “-from 10 -odd”, the first page printed will be I appreciate the well explained path of different options you have tried and the code for this solution worked perfectly.

In this file you should place the most common options.

Thanks for the article. Sign up using Email and Password. Can you past an example using UseGSPrint routine? Btw, if you do manage to change the paper size programatically, please keep us posted. The PDF also contains a barcode section, as the printed reports will be processed by a sorting machine that automatically fills up envelopes with the reports, based on its barcode of course. Create gspeint free website or blog at WordPress. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Ghostscript, Ghostview and GSview

Defaults are -mono -noquery -noprinter -all Fsprint options are passed on to Ghostscript. At first, I tried the Adobe Reader way. I have old gspront for ghostscript and have been using the gsprint utility for years to silently print pdf files to a print queue for a physical printer. What about open-source libraries, like PDFSharp?

I’ve installed ghostscript by downloading from ghostscript. To be able to print our barcodes on the reports successfully, we needed the font installed and available for GhostView on the client pc.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: I should look into the gsprint properties to check if that option is supported.


It complain Adobe 7 is not compatible to Window 7. Damn, this actually works like a charm!!! Saved the day for me.

Well, I looked into them, and in the background all they do is approaching Adobe Reader as a process and perform the same actions as I described above, with the same disadvantages as result. We achieved the silent printing to avoid pdf popups only works under Adobe reader 7. Thank you in advance. There is an option like AutoSize?

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GSPRINT – Ghostscript print to Windows printer

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Thanks very much for the succinct, easy code. Sgprint are obtained from the printer driver. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Planet PDF Forum Archive

Have you had any problems getting this to work on a Windows server with IIS 7? Install media for gsprint Ask Question. I copied the TrueType font file to the C: See the GSview Readme for more details.

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