The HalleluYah Scriptures: Never in history has there been a translation of the. HalleluYah Scriptures – The Superior & Most Anointed Version By Far. 16 u. The HalleluYah Scriptures. Never in history has there been a translation of the.

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Bless your innocent little heart!

Every minister and apologist should have a copy of this for reference and congregations should be exposed to its basic tenets. They would contact me personally letting me know they received their copies and how grateful they were.

I think one of the greatest things the HS does is help the spirit of the mind expand in comprehension of the character of our Great and Almighty Elohim by the expressions of the various names used for hlleluyah.

Which Bible Version? Examining the HalleluYah Scriptures I

Does not the right hand know what the left hand is doing? I received 2 copies of Halleluyah Scriptures last year for free no money involve.

This is all the more important with the new editions being produced. It transpires the author had over-estimated the printing costs and did not have the funds to supply everyone who had booked copies.

How should we regard the HalleluYah Scriptures?

For those who would like to study this further, I recommend two websites which cover the two positions in great detail: You can contact him directly if you like.

I personally dared halleuyah on many an occasion to face us in front of a properly constituted Beth Din that has no links to either, or in a court of Law. We are all shaking our heads and wondering hallelugah this could happen. Why do we open those doors? The New 30 Years War: They are in essence the same.

Skip to primary content. Because of all these things coming to light, it was necessary to dissolve Halleluyah Scriptures Inc.


There are many who are trying to find the Word of Elohim as it was from the original form, but translated to their language so that they might understand better as they seek Him with a true and pure heart. After the first time they found the vowels, they did a search and found that the vowels had been left in MANY old manuscripts………. scripture

Which Bible Version? Examining the HalleluYah Scriptures I | Messianic Evangelicals

This statement was scriptuees made to others we have had contact with. Andrew, while I appreciate those in the Body who are looking out for us dumb sheep, I want to warn everyone that declaring a pagan around every corner is a slipper slope. In this case, scripthres is probably because Chris Koster, the one whose translation was used for the HS revision, did not believe Jesus was deity.

You who attempt to stand and point fingers at one another instead of trying to work together for doing as we are called to do, preach the gospel of the Kingdom of Elohim and the testimony of Yahushua to the world are acting as if you are the very scribes and Pharisees from the days when Yahushua walked the face of this earth before His crucifixion, by pointing at trivial things halleluyxh comparison to the Truth.

For example, Col 1: One lie is never where it ends up. I use the ISRV — and now HS — alongside my many other messianic versions, with these alongside the best on offer from the Protestant collections of thoroughbred versions. Feel free to watch the whole video but the information pertinent to this document is from minute 5 and 20 seconds to minute 6 and 30 seconds where Ken mentions that they live in New Zealand and Debra identifies herself by name.

A fully documented and footnoted revision, using pre-Masoetic texts like the DSS, LXX and others would be a valuable exercise, particularly as the ISRV remains the only Afrikaans Messianic version and I believe it is important that the Afrikaans-speaking community have a good messianic translation.


Let us finish the race, allowing nobody to steal our crown, that we may lay it before His pierced and precious feet on that soon coming day. Indeed, I do not believe an infallible translation is possible in English or any modern language, even with a brilliant team of devout scholars.

Please show it to me. The text is good and we still use it…the translation is The Scriptures done by Chris Koster. In addition to these, there is also the older Greek Septuagint LXX which has much to say for it in spite of it being a translation of the original balleluyah s.

If we are so immature in our faith that we believe a pagan can now own a word or a day, we have some serious bible study to do. But let me add that I have been unemployed and still am, making a living on selling my stuff on eBay. So, i am resolved in the fact that it is only in Him there can scriptres anything that is called trust. I have no affiliation with the H. This instruction holds true for words, days, meat, trees, holidays, rainbows, etc, etc, etc, etc.

I am sad and heartbroken, I had deep affection for you because you always advised me through the Word. Now my hopes are shattered because this was my final frontier in my search for truth and I do not speak for my wife for she is so discouraged she instructed me to leave her out of this confusing scummy dross. For it is necessary that stumbling blocks come, but woe to that man by whom scripturws stumbling-blocks comes!

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