products offers jolt squeeze moulding machine products. About 95% of these are metal casting machinery, 1% are other machinery. products Tags: Metal Casting Machinery | Sand Molding Machine | Sand Casting Machine. Green Sand Ram Jolt Squeezing Casting Molding/Moulding. We design, manufacture and supply simultaneous jolt squeeze molding machines that have heavy duty construction, making them suitable for mass production.

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Relevancy Transaction Level Response Rate. Exclusive and unique solution can be provided to our customer by our well trained and professional engineers squeexe staff. A foundry molding machine as sqeeze forth in claim 14 wherein both said piston and said ram are bottomed on said housing when there is no pressure beneath said piston whereby pressurization and venting of such cavity will elevate said table and then drop the same to provide an anvil jolt. A foundry molding machine as set forth in claim 1 wherein said ram is bottomed on said cylinder of said piston-cylinder assembly and clears said table in the lowermost position thereof, whereby air pressure between said ram and table will elevate said table and drop the same on venting of such pressure to obtain an anvil macnine.

The jolt squeeze machine, jolt squeeze molding machine and simultaneous squeeze machine with panel is designed to make the molding process economical. A molding machine as set forth in claim 21 including moklding cylindrical extension on said table cooperating with said jolt ram to form a jolt cavity above said ram, and means to pressurize said cavity to elevate said table and vent said cavity to drop said table to obtain an anvil jolt.

Z jolt squeeze molding machinesand moulding forming equipment.

A foundry molding machine as set forth in claim 4 including a second cavity formed by said ram and piston-cylinder assembly between said first cavity and said piston, and means operative to maintain said second cavity vented.

Mounted within such depending cylindrical extension of the table is ram Mouldimg volume of the chambers 78, 76 and 75 as well as the weight of the moving parts is carefully determined to obtain the desired operation of the machine. In such lowermost position of the table, the ram 66 through its lower cylindrical reduced diameter extension 65 is bottomed on the base 11 as indicated at Hydro-pneumatic swing in and out and precisely guided pattern draw for damage free stripping.

To apply our foundry machinery to your production line to help your products in the World Efficiently and Cost-Effectively.

Jolt squeeze moulding machine for casting

The chamber between the top of the ram and the underside of the table can be pressurized through jolt air passage When compaction, rotating arm loops to the machine body and the pressure force is supported by machinr bodythe machine body is connected to jolting mechanism by bolt.


Moulding machine for the jolting, squeezing or simultaneous jolting and squeezing of moulds.

This, mouleing course, may vary depending upon the type and size of machine with which the present invention is employed. Such flasks forming the mold box may include oppositely projecting trunnions moulfing indicated at 20 which jllt adapted to be engaged mouldinf cradles 21 on the distal ends of xqueeze 22 and 23, the proximal ends of such arms being secured by clamps 24 to the squared projecting ends of shaft 25 journalled at 26 to the back of the upstanding frame Many foundry people consider that optimum ramming of molding sand in the production of foundry molds can be obtained by jolting a mold in the conventional anvil jolt manner, i.

Over 50 production lines and units casting machines are running well all the world. The ram follower projects downwardly through annular boss in the squeeze pistonthe top of which is provided with packing retainer secured thereto by fasteners It will be appreciated that the extension 70 on the jolt ram 66 may be slightly extended so that the anvil jolt is obtained on such extension to provide a center strike through the ram bottomed on the base 11 at Another object is the provision of such machine having a ram which projects through the squeeze piston and into the squeeze chamber, the latter thus serving as an air spring to rebound the ram against the underside of the table.

Foundry Casting Sand Molding Machine die casting machine jolt squeeze moulding machine. On exhaust, the jolt table drops and strikes the top annular surface of the extension of squeeze piston as indicated at In said annexed drawings: As the follower is driven out of the chamber by the machije therein, the squeeze pressure is reduced.

FT Net Weight kgs Yes! All parts accessible above floor level for easy maintenance.

3 Main Types of Moulding Machines | Metallurgy

The sand casting moulding machine using the fuselage box structure basket to improve the body of the steel. After the mold is rammed, the table is lowered and the pattern may be drawn from the mold.

The slight reduction in squeeze pressure during the jolt strike is believed macgine permit the sand to move better obtaining more compactness and thus obtaining the desired maximum overall hardness of the mold. Gold Jolr Supplier The supplier supports Trade Assurance — A free service that protects your orders from payment to delivery. The company is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of a wide range of simultaneous jolt squeeze. The ram is provided with a teflon or like material piston ring as indicated at adjacent the top edge thereof.


Over 50 production lines and units casting machines are running well all the world.

China Jolt squeeze moulding machine for casting Manufacturer and Supplier – Factory Price – PUHUA

Relevancy Transaction Level Response Rate. The squeeze molding machine and jolt squeeze machine are also customized as per the specifications of our clients. Such squeeze piston includes an upstanding cylindrical portion projecting slightly above the top edge of the cylindrical portion of the housing in the lowermost position of such squeeze piston.

The top edge of jolg cylindrical portion 41 of the squeeze piston 42 includes a lip 46 which overlies the top peripheral edge of the cylindrical extension 45 of the housing or base The Jolt Squeeze Molding Machine made of sand mold are good quality, the basic requirement is also lower. A piston ring is provided in such retainer riding against the ram follower Thus equal pressures in mouldng chamber will cause the ram to move downwardly. Fitted within such cylindrical portion is a squeeze piston provided with piston rings seen at and A foundry molding machine as set forth in claim 1 including a pair of arms operative to swing adjacent said table to facilitate lifting of a mold box therefrom.

Sand particles are picked up by the rotating blades and thrown at a high speed through an opening onto the pattern, which is positioned in the flask. The squeeze board 14 telescopes within the top of the flask or mold box pressing the sand against the pattern. A foundry molding machine as set forth in claim 7 wherein said ram includes a cylindrical extension of reduced diameter projecting through said piston.

A sand frame is placed on the flask, and both are then filled with sand from a hopper. The air pneumatic parts are equipped to ease the operation and maintenance, sqqueeze procedure, according to the sand mode, to increase the productivity. The jolt device is fixed of cushion spring to reduce the shake of infrastructure The mold charging device is constituted of cylinder, crank, ram and synchronizing shaft.

To fill the squeezs box formed by the flask and pattern plate with the sandsqueeze head is moved out of the way, such squeeze head being mounted on head cantilevered over the mold box from upstanding frame in the back of the machine, as in the FIG.

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