6 May Sándor Szathmári’s satirical novel, Voyage to Kazohinia, is based on an implicit insight into the diametric model of mental illness. KAZOHINIA Magvetõ Könyvkiadó, Budapest, Translated by Inez Kemenes Translation revised by Fred Macnicol Cover design by Mária Hódosi. PDF | On Mar 1, , Zsolt Czigányik and others published Negative Utopia in Central Europe: Kazohinia and the Dystopian Political Climate of the s.

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Really interesting book especially the first half as the ideas of the Hins are explored, the kazohimia half was a frustrating turn in extremis but I guess I see the author’s point. A one-off masterpiece of sorts.

Kazohinia – Wikipedia

I can’t believe Kazohinia wasn’t published in English before, because it really does rival other classics like and Anthem in terms of its dystopian awesomeness. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Pleasures and relationships are superfluous to them, emotions are without utility and thus simply don’t exist.

The society of the Hins is an incredible work of philosophical speculation though, up there with those of Huxley and Orwell. The satire was laboured but the message was clear.

Voyage to Kazohinia: A Diametric Dystopia | Psychology Today

We have to travel outside ourselves in order to understand. I could not have imitated it more perfectly if I had tried. Gulliver survives and washes up on the island of Kazonhinia.

Aug 16, Alexander Abnos rated it liked it. Here the story ceases to be hilarious and is really rather sad. Anyway, it was my good fortune that it was conceived two years earlier, because there are so many similarities between the kazohnia that I would never have been so bold as to write Kazohinia had I read Brave New World first.


Voyage to Kazohinia 4.

But by now many readers of these posts will already have noticed that to present-day eyes the Hins look very much as if they collectively suffer from high functioning autism spectrum disorder ASD ; while the Behins are afflicted with diametrically kazihinia psychotic spectrum disorder PSD.

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A Diametric Dystopia The diametric model of mental illness was anticipated in a novel of Preview — Voyage to Kazohinia by Sandor Szathmari. Overall, a very enjoyable read which I recommend to fans of Dystopian literature and curious readers alike! I knew nothing about it when I bought my copy from Oxfam, the cover appealed to me, as did the unknown, eastern European name of the author.

Gulliver reports that he. No trivia or quizzes yet. It was for this reason that a mechanism was needed on the door….

This remarkable book, in other words, prefigured the diametric model of mental illness by a full fifty years. Although the story is set in a world different from our own, kazohiinia can be drawn, satirizing our own modern world and what it has become. That is, to be Kazo is to organize work, rest, sleep, sport, food, and our attitude toward our fellow human beings so we can produce the maximum possible, but without damaging our health through unnecessary strain.

In Love with Romantic Love?

The 4 Keys to Fighting Fair. The future of mankind as automatons or ruled by constructs built of illogic and fantasy. Production and usage of goods is based on need instead of money, and the standard of living is impeccable. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Voyage to Kazohinia

Beyond the “Selfie” Self: Grace-Ellen rated it it was ok Sep 20, I also highly did not enjoy Gulliver’s Travels this past summer sadface after the genius of Swift’s “A Modest Proposal”and Voyage to Kazohinia is written as Gulliver’s 20th-century travels.


Everything among the Hins is perfectly ordered. Author is caught in a storm — By good luck he meets the “Terrible” — He is kindly received by his fellow-officers — His arrival home. Written by an obscure Hungarian in Esparanto, first published in but not translated into english untilKazohinia is a unique and fascinating gem of utopian literature.

The American novelist Gregory Kaozhiniaauthor of the novels Wicked: Author becomes acquainted with a Hin woman in whom he wants to build a soul — His experiments have unfortunate consequences — He is taken once more to hospital. Gulliver is horrified by the cold and monotonous nature of their lives, and looks for kazohnia amongst their outcasts, the Behins, who they keep enclosed behind walls in a settlement.

Thanks for telling us about mazohinia problem. You can work wherever you want, as long as it is kazo. Author accepted in the kona whose significance is not yet clear to him — His spirituality taken away by force — He is given a peculiar post — The Behins’ theory of the nourishing quality of the pebble — We learn what the word lamik means — The Behins’ extraordinary economic views Boetology. May 05, Annie rated it it was ok.

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