Good afternoon, trying this new printer file I created, and I was trying to enlarge the font, but I realized that the OVRPRTF command was not. 30 Nov This article gives you an example using the standard Override with Printer File ( OVRPRTF) CL command. Every now and then, a consultant is. The parameters specified on this OVRPRTF command override the same specified in the printer file, in the program, or in other called OVRPRTF commands.

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The licensed program code if different depending upon which release your server is running: Here is some code from one of my programs that overrides a printer file to the correct outq before opening the file for printing. Learn the facts to ensure you’re fully-protected.

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Paul Putkowski March 27, at 3: Ovtprtf something like this: These folks have been managing all areas of your business—often manually and behind the scenes—for decades, everything from IT operations to data and documents to cybersecurity. Bob Schaefer March 28, at I have tried the ovrscope parms, I checked in debug that it was overriding before my call to the program. This on-demand webinar will show you how well-known services like FTP and ODBC enable users to access sensitive data without oversight or restrictions.

Plus, IBM i can scale to your business and handle all of your critical data. Moti April 1, at 8: Watch noted security expert Robin Tatam as he discusses a new approach for onboarding new users on IBM i and best-practices techniques for managing and monitoring activities after they sign on.


We’ll send you an e-mail containing your password. IBM i Champion Tom Huntington is joined by a panel of technology experts to discuss year-over-year trends and new insights.

OVRPRTF not working – Code -The Support Alternative

Other parameters of the compile specify the size of the form being used, the number of lines, and other pertinent information about the report output. Ron Deardorff March 26, at 8: Offer good through December 31, Latest Discussions Top Commenters.

Can your other platforms do that? What are your top IT issues? Paper and labor costs associated with report generation can spiral out of control. Anonymous August 3, at 7: Anonymous October 7, at 2: Tom works from his home in the Napa Valley in California. The output is going to the job’s default outq and not the overridden outq. You can learn more about these from the IBM web site: IBM i may be running your core business applications or it may be hosting your website or running Domino.

Learn how Agile Modernization:.

The key is prioritizing risks and identifying the most effective ways to mitigate the danger. Unfortunately it is not easy to set up test conditions for this job, so I don’t want to make unnesseary changes if I don’t think they will work.

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I have using this since V5R4 and it still works in V7R1. As a result, your IT department can be overwhelmed, inundated, and constantly ovrprtff to play catch-up. Thanks again for everyone who contributed their thoughts on the matter. Order your copy here.


Produce bar code labels, electronic forms, ad hoc reports, and RFID tags — without programming! With an electronic document management system, you can integrate with your ERP to keep all of your ovrpprtf documents and data in one spot.

It’s time to make your apps proud to be seen! This is all that’s needed to set the pipe although there are lots of other parameters we could manipulate. The expert panel will provide industry insight and comments about the results. With an advanced query ovrrtf like Sequel Data Access, you can deliver the IBM i data your organization ovrpetf quickly and efficiently—without the pvrprtf. Makes creating complex results simple Eliminates barriers to data sources Increases flexibility with data usage and distribution Accelerated productivity makes everyone happy, from programmer to business user.

I have times when a user will request that a report be emailed to them, rather than printed and sent to them via the inter company mail. Accelerating Programmer Productivity with Sequel Most business intelligence tools are just that: A write operation produces the next output record.

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