Salawat Al-Fatih (durood Fatih). Salawat Al-Fatih is held in particular esteem with the Tijaniyya Order. In English, it goes like this: O God bless our Master. The two words when joined together i.e. Salatul Fatihi means the blessed Salat which opens the gates of Rahama (endless bliss). When Allah revealed verse 56 . 24 Jul Q 5: The Al-Tijaniyyah sect has their own supplication called Salat Al-Fatih, which they consider to be better than reciting the Qur’an. Is this true.

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Compiled by Muhammad Sajad Ali. Salatul Fatih ends with Azeem in the dua. They would not be equivalent to the reward that comes from the evocation of one single Salat Fatihi. When his companions asked the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him: He will say, “My Lord, why have you raised me blind while I was [once] seeing?

Because whosoever among you shall live after me, will see much discord.

File:SAlat al fatihi.png

The instruction concerning the prayer upon the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him is presented generally in the following verse: Another reason it is the best and has all those blessings as you described is because it praises The Prophet before the creation of Time and it praises him After creation. The second category includes those who perfectly understand the meaning of the Quran and who, when reading it, are moved to such an extent that they believe that they are hearing the Supreme Being HimSelf dictating it, and whose life is a realization of the Sacred Texts.

Similarly, with regards to the merits of deeds, some hadiths could emphasize prayer, some of them emphasize combat in the path of ALLAH Ealatul Glorified, The Exaltedsome of them could emphasize evocation and so on and so forth… In fact everything depends on the context and the situation. It is totally false and culpable, as some have tried to make others to believe that Seyyidina Ahmed Tidjani may ALLAH sanctify his precious secret would have claimed that the merit of Salat Fatihi is superior to the merit of the Quran and that he would have encouraged his disciples to forsake salatl recitation of the Divine words.


Audio and Video Links. The fourth category includes those who read the noble Quran without paying any attention, whether they understand or not the reading, and indulge in bad deeds with no care for the commandments of the Quran, the work of these people leads to their loss and they commit a sin every time they read it as is said in the following passages of the Quran:.

Point to be clarified Question: For this approval has come from the Prophet to Shaykh Ahmad Tijani in broad daylight. Suppose now that we gather together all the rewards of all these communities of all this time.

Dream: Reciting salatul Fatihi in a masjid |

The first is that he peace and blessings be upon him knew that it would come at the End of Time and fatihu who should receive it would not appear in his day. One good deed is equal to ten good deeds the like of it. He saves His Mercy for whom He wants when He wants. Because of this, they have everything to gain by praying upon the Prophet peace and blessings be upon himand everything to lose by reading the noble Quran. In other circumstances, it is prayer, and so on….

Deen islam -Salatul Fatihi

So hold fast to my Sunnah and the examples of sapatul Rightly-Guided Caliphs who will come after me. It is therefore strictly forbidden to forsake the recitation of it.

Indeed, when confronting the enemy, Jihad becomes the best deed. We should not say that what the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him told us during his lifetime is not the same as what he transmitted to us after his death. Then, know that when He says: Indeed, We have salayul over their hearts coverings, lest they understand it, and salatl their ears deafness.

The history of Salatul al-Fatih is this. Allah and his angels don’t need peace. In other ratihi, as long as it has not been proved that this instruction can only be obeyed by means of a sole specific formula, then it is permissible to pray upon the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him with any formula.


Then, if you evoke a second time, you will have the rewards equivalent to those that you reaped the first time multiplied by Allahumma salli ‘ wa sallim was baarik ala Sayyidina Muhammadil. Equally, it does not mean that if we have vatihi the deeds mentioned by the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him in the first hadith, we have no need to accomplish the Hajj, nor that ftaihi Prophet peace and blessings be upon him encourages us to neglect the accomplishment of the Hajj, because he rewards faithi for a perfect Hajj and Umra.

A book of Salawat durood ShareefIt is because of this Durood that he was awarded the title Siddiq which means truthful. Consequently, given that reading a single letter of the Quran is equivalent to at least ten good deeds, as it is stated in the Hadith related by Tirmidhi in which the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him said: Salawat ala Rasul Links.

Only an ignorant person could come to such conclusion. It is only a Revelation that is revealed.

Saying it once is equivalent to the prayers of all angels, human beings, and Jinn from the beginning of their creation to the time when it was uttered, and saying is a second time is like [i. No disciple of the Tariqa Tidjaniya and its teachings neglect reading and studying the Quran. In order to benefit from the special blessings of Salat el Fathi, two conditions must be met:. This merit does not mean that the Umra is the same as the Hajj and that it exempts us from the obligation of accomplishing it.

This special prayer was given by the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him to Seyyidina Ahmed Tijani may ALLAH sanctify his precious secretin an awakened state, during the daytime, to be recited and to be transmitted. Seyyidina Ahmed Tidjani may ALLAH sanctify his precious secret classifies the benefit of reading the noble Quran in four categories according to the state of the reader:.

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