Tournament rules. References and Contacts. Skatordnung: this page. 1 General 2 Rights and responsibilities 3 The organiser(s) 4 Players 5 Weighting of scores. Skat is a 3-player trick-taking card game of the Ace-Ten family, devised around in The Skatordnung, official rules of Skat, in English. Keller, Thomas and. Nov. Die Skatordnung ist das international verbindliche Regelwerk für alle Die Skatordnung beinhaltet die Spielregeln für das in einem langen.

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When all the results have been computed the prizes will be awarded. A party claiming credit for schneider or schwarz must, in the event skatordnujg dispute, demonstrate that it has in fact been achieved. Weighted scoring is superior to that in which a player’s performance is assessed solely by the number of game-points he has scored. The score to be awarded is the actual Game Value. Once they get suspicious, however, they may thwart the effort simply by taking one trick from the player trying for the Durchmarsch.

They may not be replaced by substitutes. The organiser skatordnung take charge of all scoresheets, skwtordnung cards and other relevant documents and retain them for at least six months.


The relevant number of multipliers always includes the number of tops that the soloist played ‘with’ or ‘without’, plus 1 for game or 2 for schneider or 3 for schwarz. Assuming a trump suit of Hearts in a Suit game, this holding will have a different valuation before and after the Skat has been examined. Any game announcement made when the soloist holds more or fewer than ten cards even if he had ten and has just played one to a trick results in loss of his game, but without penalty for schneider or schwarz.

The winner of a trick stacks the cards face-down in front of him and leads to the next trick, which is again played clockwise.

When playing with the skat the soloist picks it up, makes any two discards in its place, and then announces his game contract. Leading out of turn ends the game. If a deal out of turn is discovered to have been made in a previous round, or if it cannot be established exactly when such an irregularity occurred in the current round, it cannot be corrected, and all rounds completed subsequently to it count as valid. Unless she manages to play at least Schneider raising the Game Value to 36or makes a game other than Clubs with a Game Value of at least 30, the game will be lost.



skafordnung For this purpose it is desirable to appoint individuals well acquainted with the rules of the game and having a satisfactory knowledge of the Skatordnung in particular.

See also Tournament Rules, 7. The mnemonic is commonly used among casual players. If an opponent lays all his remaining cards face up on the table, it is to be interpreted as a claim that he alone will win all the remaining tricks. The soloist wins a simple game if he takes ast least 61 card-points in tricks, including any contained in the skat.

This increased the Game Level by one, but did not penalize as much as a normal game would have if lost. If that player intends to become declarer, however, he skatordnung to make a call of at least 18 picking up the Skat in that situation implies the call.

Skat is a 3-player trick-taking card game devised around in Altenburg in the Duchy of The Skatordnung, official rules of Skat, in English. The pleasure skatordnun pulling off skatordnung feats of play will inevitably be accompanied by the less pleasurable recognition of faults committed by skatordnung as well as skstordnung others, but the way in which such feelings are expressed must always be governed by tact and the social niceties.

Playing out of turn to the last trick may be corrected without penalty. The dealer has a particular responsibility to check that the previous entry was correct. In a less common further variation this process can be repeated twice more by announcing “Supra” and “Resupra” or more colloquially, “Bock” [ roe buck] and “Hirsch” [red deer]or the like, which are colloquial augments of “Reh” roe deer.


The word derives from Italian scartare ‘to discard’ c. In no circumstances may anyone take anyone else’s allotted place at the table or substitute for them. If all players at a table are in agreement, a score may be recorded or corrected in retrospect.

It is then increased by one for each of the following:. Now, assuming declarer wins by taking 95 points in tricks, after having declared Hand and Schneiderthe actual Skqtordnung Value will be as follows:. To make Ramsch more interesting, an additional rule is often played that adds a second winning condition: Also, numbers are frequently abbreviated by only calling the lower digit of a value not skatordung by 10 e. Scoring is similar to normal Skat.


The Skatordnung

Skatordnung rewards the skill skatordnung the player in skatordning capacity as an opponent skatordnung well as in that of the soloist, and compensates him for games he might have won had he not been prevented from playing them by overbidding on the part of his opponents. Appeals against any such decision made by the organiser or his referees may be addressed in writing to the arbitration committee. If there skatornung no trumps in it, the highest card of the suit led wins the trick.

It is played if all three players pass in the bidding. Declarer’s goal is s,atordnung take at least 61 points in tricks in order to win that round of the game. This continues until either of the skatordnung players passes. The game is then decided in accordance with 4.

If one player takes no tricks at all JungfrauEnglish: Players have therefore skatprdnung exercise skatordnung scrutiny during bidding, as skatordnung to incur an unnecessary loss. This skatordnunh was last edited on 29 Juneat skatordnung If a skatordnun deals out of turn, any resultant game is invalid, even if it has been completed or is the last one of a round. It is considered one of the best and most interesting card games for 3 players.

It is common in informal play to play a variant of Skat called Ramsch junk, rummage instead of skipping the hand and dealing for the next one. Vorhandthe second seat German: In a null game skahordnung are no trumps and the ranking order of cards is A-K-Q-J in all four suits.

Afterwards approval of at least one defender is required. Base value for the different games are as follows:.

Trick-taking card games list.

The soloist may only announce a valid game 3. Skat originated at Altenburg shortly beforeand incorporates elements of several older card games.

Null games are often not played through to the end, either because declarer is forced to take a trick, ending the game prematurely, or because it becomes apparent to the defenders skatordnkng they will be forced to take the rest of the tricks. Finally, add either 30 points at a table of four or 40 points at a table of three for each game lost by each other player at the same table.

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