Ebadat & Learning:: Tazkiratul Awliya ba Awliya der Jiboni o keramaat [ MLB Learning Book; ‹ View All Ebadat & Learning:: Bangla Islamic Learning Book. Tazkirat al-Awliyā also transliterated as Tadhkirat al-Awliya or Tazkerat-ol-Owliya , is a chapter book written by the Persian poet and mystic Attar about the life. 14 Sep Download tazkiratul awliya bangla pdf free download.

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Today your breaking that law. These great men have dedicated their lives for the cause of Islam. Would that we had recognized Allah properly!

For this reason, one should always bear in mind that the Master is the witness, seeing us at all times, and is aware of all that we do. In fact it is a cure and a misfortune. The fifth lesson is this that the story also illustrates the high position these righteous and saintly ones have as far as their humanity is concerned.

Tazkirat al-Awliya – Wikipedia

Now it is only you special gift that is left which can save us from being punished of our crimes. The eBook file size is 46 Mb. He collected the data through reliable sources. Islam in this region aupiya spread at the hands of these Aulia.


تذکرۃ الاولیاء، اردو ترجمہ – Maktabah Mujaddidiyah

The area of India and Pakistan is the home of so many Muslim. Afterwards they divided the loot amongst themselves and hastily each one of them went to hide his share of the spoils. Hence, fortunate indeed is the person who, in the world, created within himself the knowledge of recognizing Allah. And also have been translated in many languages including Bangla and English. No need to be fancy, just an overview.

Baangla was with them and allowed them to proceed without being punished.

Miras-ul-ambia[Bangla Islamic Book]

However, there should not be any pride and over confidence in this recognition. Next Elementary Food Science Vieira 4th edition pdf. The other one made a hole in the wall and they bangpa entered to burgle. Now it is time that the Kingly speciality should be exhibited according to the promise.

As soon as the King announced his judgement, this person appealed in great humility: August 26, 6, Views.

Tazkira tul auliya book is an account brief of the life history of earlier Tazkiratul auliya urdu of Islam. Sultan Mahmood smiled at the bagla and became filled with mercy and grace as he heard their pitiful admission of guilt.

We highly recommend to. On that day, the criminals will envy them: Remember you had promised that in you beard there is this speciality, that if tszkiratul cause it to move in mercy, the criminal will be saved from punishment.


However, the thief who had this special gift of recognizing anybody during the day whom he had seen during the darkness, was quite at ease. Then Allah will accept this intercession from whomever He wishes bzngla to His Mercy.

Create a free website Powered by. But the disbelievers and criminals will through their special qualities be admitted into hell-fire. Tazkira tul Auliya means talk about the saints. In fact, one should alternate between fear and hope and in utmost humility beg for this intercession.

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My laws have been revealed to you. Whom are you robbing?

Think for a moment! What a pity that nations and people, just like those thieves, spend their short span of worldly lives looking upon means of delight and comfort as special gift and accomplishment, and look upon material progress as being actual progress. I have all the while recognized you. Furthermore their tazzkiratul on behalf of other sinners will also be accepted.

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