Demonstrate Computer Techniques with UltraVNC Where do I get UltraVNC? . This document is intended for computer lab managers and other computer. UltraVNC (sometimes written uVNC), an open-source remote-administration/ remote-desktop-software utility for Microsoft Windows, uses the VNC protocol to. 18 Aug The Windows TurboVNC Server (WinVNC) was discontinued with the release of TurboVNC in Our Windows server code was based.

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The individual you want to remotely assist only has to download and execute your customized package. Also, JPEG compression may be used to encode color-rich ultdavnc see the description of -quality and -nojpeg optionsabove. Copyrect could also be used to efficiently transmit a repeatedpattern. Do you need your password? This is an efficient encoding for large blocks ofconstant color.

This network -related software article is a stub. XML documentation in word document.

UltraVNC Viewer Commandline Parameters

Allrectangles come with a header giving the location and size of therectangle and an encoding type used by the data which follows.

This allows for single-byte values to be used,reducing packet size. Toggle Full Screen Mode. Retrieved from ” https: Treat my content as plain text, not as HTML.

A screen refreshcan then insure that VNCViewer’s display and remote computer’sdisplay are in sync. Use high levels with very slow network connections, and low levels when working over high-speed LANs. Save the options and settings of the active connection in afile. The data within the tiles is senteither raw or as a variant on RRE. The program allows the viewer to use their mouse and keyboard to control the Server Computer remotely.


Using TurboVNC with the UltraVNC Server

Connection info Open the connection info window. Here, rectangles are split up in to 16×16 tiles, which aresent in a predetermined order. PCHelpWare is a powerful remote support software that allows you to docmentation right from your own PC a distant PC connected to the internet.

These types are listed below. Show or hide the VNCViewer toolbar. Insults are not welcome. This is in general more efficient, becausethe savings from sending 1-byte values generally outweighs thelosses from the relatively rare cases where very large regionsare painted the same color.

Grey colors only works with 32 bits color screenresolution. This is the number of times a reconnect is made before documenration viewer close the connection. If you don’t find the information your looking for in this section of the website, then please feel free to ask on the forums It’s not recommended to use compression level 0, reasonable choices start from the level 1. Tight Like Zlib encoding, Tight encoding uses zlib library tocompress the pixel data, but it pre-processes data to maximizecompression ratios, and to minimize CPU usage on compression.

Further viewer configuration can be done when pressing the Options button.

ulgravnc Encodings are described here. Can be useful in case of conflict with other installed software hotkeys. Raw is alsothe fastest when the server and viewer are on the same machine,as the connection speed is essentially infinite and raw encodingminimizes processing time. Odcumentation the question carefully. Grey colors only work with 32 bits color screen resolution. Level 1 uses minimum of CPU time and achieves weak compression ratios, while level 9 offers best compression but is slow in terms of CPU time consumption on the server side.


Encodings are described here. So next time you run the viewer, youdon’t have to reselect all your favorite settings.

There are a lot of options that can be configuredfrom the viewer side. Existing Members Sign in to your account.

UltraVNC • View topic – Ultra VNC Step by Step Documents in document and PDF Format

This page was last edited on 31 Augustat Required for using the color options below or saving a custom configuration otherwise the settings from quick options always override.

If port is specified, the viewer listens on that port instead of default port. Zlib is a very simple encoding that uses zlib library tocompress raw pixel data. Articles with topics of unclear notability from May All articles with topics of unclear notability Products articles with topics of unclear notability Official website different in Wikidata and Wikipedia All stub articles. If a question is documentztion phrased then either ask for clarification, ignore it, or edit the question and fix the problem.

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