A superb new graphic memoir in which an inspired artist/storyteller reveals the road that brought his family to where they are today: Vietnamerica GB Tran is a. 3 May GB Tran’s graphic memoir, Vietnamerica: A Family’s Journey (), is a tale of war, dislocation and migration, which places the disrupted. Tran, GB. (). Vietnamerica: A Family’s Journey. New York, NY: Villard. pp. Satrapi’s Persepolis (), GB Tran chose the graphic form to illustrate.

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With Vietnamerica Tran continues to work to his strengths and the book has so many wonderful pages that any number are noteworthy representations of what a great creator can do with a page. Beyond storytelling, Tran is an artist truly gifted in his medium. One sported a big white square with a red cross emblazoned on it.

It didn’t feel as personal as I’m sure it felt for Tran to create it. These rare images capture another side to hip-hop. Some of the framing of the story is Tran’s trips back to Vietnam as the only member of his family born in amerika.

A good glimpse at the impact of an exodus from Vietnam to America. Return to Book Page.

Vietnamerica by GB Tran |

Rtan story is a personal one and a family one. There is no doubt that GB is an artist because he is able to provide the reader with important ideas without words. The story must be told.


If you ever got in a fight with your parents or siblings about family issues – imagine those struggles compounded by the uncertainties of war – then you’ll have a vague idea about what this book attempts to accomplish. Two weeks later, the state called them and explained that no one had claimed them and asked if they would like to adopt the twins.

Cohesive Fragments: GB Tran’s Graphic Memoir Vietnamerica: A Family’s Journey

One mother goes months without knowing whether her children are dead or alive, while another is forced to pack her entire life in one suitcase, leaving the rest behind. You are swept back to his grandparents’ and parents’ daily lives, and begin to understand the causes and events leading up to the Vietnam War. Sign Up No Thanks. Best Books of — School Library Journal —. I had to work diligently to catch up and pass my students enough to be prepared for their inevitable questions.

I asked Mom what was wrong with these men.

All-in-all, it was wonderful. Vietnamerica is worth your time. Chapter 6 Preview Chapter. Every color, line, and layout brings the desperation and destruction of war, as well as the complexity of human connections and disconnections to life. When I look back on how much my grandparents had to sacrifice to come to America, I will always be eternally grateful to them. Aug 13, Don rated it it was amazing.


Born and raised in South Carolina as a son of immigrants, he knew that his parents had fled Vietnam during the fall of Saigon. Throughout the visit he meets new family members who recount their experiences leading to the war and thereafter.

And they won’t be vietnameerica forever to answer your questions. Tran is a trailblazer in his own right. You might also like: Library Journal Starred Review. There is much I don’t know about that war, and we had a different experience coming to the US, but as a fellow immigrant I very much related to this family’s perspective. It was only in his late twenties that GB began to learn their extraordinary story. I picked “Vietnamerica” because the cover appealed to me while rummaging vietnamericca the non-fiction travel section of my public library.

While he touches upon the problems of cultural assimilation experienced by his siblings and parents, the bulk of the book takes place in Vietnam, from Yeah, I’d probably get arrested for teaching that now. When his grandfather and grandmother pass away, he reluctantly goes back to Vietnam with his parents, who haven’t been there for 30 years.

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